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Nouriched Blends All Natural Skin & Hair Care

Nouriched Blends All Natural Skin & Hair Care

Introducing Risa G. Creator of Nouriched Blends:

Prior to making my own products I was using main stream products, which did nothing for my skin and it would dry out before I even left the house. My experience with big name products goes as far as going to Target and buying whatever moisturizer they had on the shelf. I never took too much time to think what I was buying, as long as it said “lotion”, that was enough for me. I invested a lot into Victoria’s Secret. I mean, you had to have Victoria’s Secret, right? At least thats how I felt during my high school and early college years. It was more or less about fitting in or just keeping up with beauty norms. 

So exactly what changed? Believe it or not, two things: Realizing these moisturizers were not doing anything for my skin, and getting into a relationship lol. The concept behind Nouriched Blends began back in November of 2018. The reason…you’ll laugh, but honestly, I got tired of my boyfriend complaining that I never put lotion on ?. Out of pure laziness and because it was starting to get cold and knowing I didn’t have to show much skin and just layer up, I couldn’t be bothered. 

In 2019, I said “OK, Marisa you really need to do better”, I’m happy, living my best life, growing, maturing, life is good, but my hair & skin were crying for some love and attention. After some DIY research, and encouragement from my family and friends who had tried my products earlier, I said to myself “this is to easy & its FUN”! “Just loving your skin and hair and using real raw products for a healthy glow why not!?”

After much trial & error as well as some research with actual books, my knowledge on how to properly start my own plant and nut based skin and hair care line increased. My knowledge on green skin care, essential oils & aroma therapy grew as well, alongside my interest in holistic beauty. February of this 2019 I launched Nouriched Blends officially! I started a whole business based on an idea that, at the time I hadn’t realized, would turn into a movement which is becoming bigger than myself. 

I hope to create a educational movement that will inspire people to make positive change, to engage in discussions about natural skin and hair care regimens, and to bring empowerment in the beauty industry.

“We get so tied up in this beauty world of products for hair and skin, we almost forget that beauty goes beyond topical. It starts from within and reflects everywhere we go.” 

Holistic beauty goes beyond the surface, and I believe Nouriched Blends promotes beauty from a whole body/person perspective. My blends are more than just a natural hair & skin care product line. It’s a movement, an inspiration, a purpose, a concept, a journey and so much more. My blends, both in a literal and symbolic sense, encourage customers to love themselves, to show more appreciation and care to their skin and hair, and to be more mindful of the products they use.

Nouriched Blends is only 6 months old. It’s a start up, and I have big dreams for my business. My goal is to challenge myself and never stop learning and growing. My products will only continue to get better as time progresses. My customers have been nothing short of amazing. They give me constructive criticism, effective feedback, banging reviews, and all of that keeps me motivated to keep going.

The importance of using green skin care cannot be overstated. You’ll realize why plant and nut based products are so important to incorporate into your skin and hair care regimens if you do a bit of research. The long term effects of investing in large name beauty products which operate for the sake of income alone, could be a brand based on greed. 

It’s easy to get caught up in a trend of using brands that care little about the benefits of their products. I urge people to educate themselves on what they buy and invest into their long term wellness.

It benefits everyone to invest in beauty products that will give back to (and have involvement within) their communities, and to whom the customer is the highest priority. This applies to anywhere you shop and any time or energy you spend on anything or anyone you want a memorable and lasting experience with. 

Think about using a brand which, in the long term, you not only benefit from their products, but also their customer engagement. Because, after all, you are the reason their empire is built. Foundation is key, and my customers are the foundation of my business.

My inspiration for Nouriched Blends came from my love & passion for learning how to really love my own skin. Going beyond just looking beautiful on the outside, but internally too. While you can use many products to get the look you want, there’s nothing like an organic, beautiful glow using all nourishing and enriching natural ingredients.

I make homemade body butters, rose and lavender water, hair growth oils, face mask, sugar scrubs, and there is much more to come. Using natural herbs, oils, and spices lovingly combined to produce amazing blends that do wonders for the body, hair, mind, and soul. Each blend is made with the vision of top quality, love, unique creativity, and inspiration. So let Nouriched Blends products “Nourish the body, Enrich the hair, Stimulate the mind & Flourish the soul”.

Risa G. (CEO of Nouriched Blends)

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