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A Happy Mess…

A Happy Mess…

The days are getting brighter. The house is still messy. The baby still wakes up multiple times at night. The relationships have not mended. But the days are brighter.

I’ve always believed the words, “I’ll be happier once…” Once the laundries finally all done. Once this person apologizes. Once I become a success in my business.

I never realized that the ideas I have of what can make me happy can actually limit my happiness.

I just thought I was giving God ideas of what can make me happy. Like when I’m on my period and the only thing that can make me feel better is a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Bar. But that’s not how happiness works.

Happiness… Or we can even call it Joy, can comes in the midst of the storm. It’s a choice. A choice to admit that your sadness is not going away. A choice to admit you need help. A choice to seek help. A choice to keep moving forward when life is not going your way.

I’m honestly shocked at the joy I currently feel in the midst of so much mess. I mean I am sitting in my bedroom which has laundry scattered all around my bed. And I have no idea what’s clean or dirty… But I’m so happy to be here.

The right side of my mouth is currently sore because I just got two cavities filled. But I’m so happy! Praise God for those dentists and for health care! My smile is crooked and still slightly yellow but I’m going to smile!

Are you choosing joy in the midst of the mess?

Motherhood is messy. Life is messy. So don’t wait for things to look perfect for you to be happy.

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