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Finding Your Style with Chasing Chloe

Finding Your Style with Chasing Chloe

Shopping… Once upon a time I loved to shop at the mall. Walking through a store felt like a scavenger hunt as I searched for that one piece to make my idea of the perfect look. The Chanelle I could see when I closed my eyes. 

Back in those days, walking past racks of clothing was like walking through groups of people in the hallways of high school. You strolled past the goths, then the preps, the jocks and finally the nerds. 

My perfect look would be comprised of a piece from every group. A sweater from the goths. A mini skirt from the preps. Fashionable gym shorts from the jocks and a collard shirt from the nerds. 

There was enough variety in an affordable store that everyone at school would then have a different look based on combinations.

Have you been to the mall lately? If you’re a millennial like me, you would have noticed that it’s all one style! Similar to today’s popular music sounding the same, these pieces of clothing all look the same! This is even the case when going from one store to the next. (This is all my opinion of course ;))

 Boutiques online are now the easiest method of finding unique styles of clothing. And specifically to online boutique Chasing Chloe, these clothing items are affordable guaranteed. 

Owner Sarah Karagiannis explains how she’s found a way to combine affordable clothing with unique styles.

“I personally select these styles from wholesalers in California. After years of shopping from different boutiques, I was able to find clothing brands that are unique, great quality and trendy. 
My target audience is women of all ages out there looking for unique, trendy clothing that small clothing boutiques carry at affordable prices!”

– Sarah

Chasing Chloe is centered around the idea of variety. Making every piece of clothing a rare find. This allows customers a greater opportunity to find clothing that suits their style.

It should never be about what’s trendy or how to fit in. Our goal should be to send the message of who we are in what we wear. And no one person is exactly alike. 

Have you found a style of clothing you can call your own? There’s so many reasons to shop at Chasing Chloe, the most important feature is to support a small business.

“When you shop with my store, you’re supporting a small business. I’m a mom, so this is how I make my living other than of course my mom duties! Also my boutique isn’t just a job, it’s a passion. So you’re supporting a small business and this stay-at-home mama’s passion for boutique clothing!”

– Sarah

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