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Raising Mini Me – Maker & Mine Clothing

Raising Mini Me – Maker & Mine Clothing

“It’s a girl!”

To be honest I didn’t believe I would give birth to girls. I wanted boys and begged God in prayer for boys. (This desperation comes from growing up in a family of all girls. I knew what I would be getting into in having them).

I even told my mom it was a boy before we got an ultrasound. “Don’t buy me any girl things!”, I said, “because I know I’m having a boy!”.

Well she listened to my request and like any excited first time grandparent, she went shopping before we got the gender confirmed.

Needless to say, she refused to return the boy clothes she bought. So my princess wore them at home.

As my princess grew inside of me, I couldn’t believe she would be anything like me. While day dreaming about what her mannerisms would be like, I saw more qualities of my husband’s nature than my own.

The reality of this was that I saw many flaws in my personality, then and as a child. I have always had an outgoing nature. One that teachers were irritated by as I adopted the role of class clown. One that peers were exhausted by as I was often bursting with positive energy.

(You can imagine this was especially frustrating for my hormonal friends in high school).

Though I was often complimented on my bravery to befriend any stranger and draw attention to myself while standing before a crowd; I was very much aware of other’s annoyance.

My princess is now three years old and she is an absolute mini me. But as a parent I’m not going to point out all the flaws others have pointed out to me in my personality. Instead I will point out the attributes that are positive in a means to  make these grow!

After watching my princess display characteristics of myself, I feel proud! I see bravery inside of her that feels no shame when showing others her personality. I realize that though our personalities can be overwhelming, there’s so much good that comes with it!

And though not everyone will appreciate our energy and boldness, this in no way means we ought to hide in shame.

It’s always good to be reminded of what we believe. And I want my girl to forever hold the message in her heart that she is my pride and joy.

Maker & Mine is the right style of clothing to help us out with this. These leggings displaying the statement, “Proud Mama” for me and “I Make My Mama Proud” for my daughter.

It serves as a reminder to me that my daughter will forever hold qualities that I can find pride in. And a reminder to my daughter that who she is, is worth celebrating.

I believe it is of detrimental importance to raise confident children. Especially in this day and age when children are so easily bullied.

I don’t feel the need to remind my daughter of her flaws. I feel that everyone else in her life will be eager to take this role.

But let me be the parent that celebrates her good qualities. In this way she’ll know that in moments when she is tempted to do wrong, she is more than capable of doing right.

Clothing that displays a positive statement can be a huge help with this!

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