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Regaining My Passion For Cooking – Fuud Meal Kit

Regaining My Passion For Cooking – Fuud Meal Kit

Fuud Meal Kit

Truth… I hate cooking. I have no desire to do it and if possible I would simply have a meal replacement drink and call it a day. But let’s be honest, as a mom, I need to model good eating habits for my kids. 

I believe this disdain for cooking started after I plummeted into postpartum depression. My body was numb and exhausted from constant panic attacks and feelings of despair. 

Cooking once felt like a relaxing hobby. One that fueled my day with excitement. I looked forward to cooking so much that I would do it during the kids’ nap time instead of just resting my self. 

I was always looking for a new method of cooking and what the latest trend was for combining ingredients. Creativity fueled my passion for cooking… And depression extinguished it’s flame.

Now that I am on the path to recovery, my hope is to regain the joys of life I once had. Often times this takes some help. Through out this journey I’ve learned it’s ok to ask for help. In fact it’s even a detrimental step.

Connecting with Fuud meal kit service was a great first step to regaining my passion for cooking. They have easy to follow recipes with fresh ingredients laid out in it’s proper measurements. 

Their meals are familiar enough that they bring excitement to my family. Even better for me that the flavors are more than just familiar! 

The first meal I prepared was Pork Chops with pear slices. This is something I never thought of as a meal but what a delicious and healthy combination! 

I didn’t expect my three year old to get so excited about eating fruit for dinner haha. The pears took the place of what would have been potatoes on the side. And this was bursting with flavor of what would have been apple sauce over top of the pork chops.  

In order to motivate myself to cook I actually had to invite a friend from church over. This way I had no other choice or I would be a bad host and my mother would be thoroughly disappointed.

I also decided to have my three year old join in on prepping the dish. I don’t usually get her help with cooking because my hope is to get it done as quickly as possible. However this time I was cooking for the enjoyment. With my three year old always eager to find the fun in the most tedious of tasks, I knew she would make our time worthwhile.

This plan worked! I was so caught up in teaching my daughter how to crush a garlic before cutting to get the flavors out. And how to not rub her eyes after cutting onions, (she learned that one the hard way). It made this task more of an adventure. 

Perhaps my daughter cleaned her plate not only because of how delicious dinner was, but also because of how proud she was that she had helped make the meal. (She typically only has a few bites before deciding she’s finished). 

I doubt I could have managed to include her if this was a recipe I was just throwing together myself. The step by step instructions and simply laid out ingredients made it easier to focus on the memories my daughter and I were making together.

My friend being included in our meal made me feel a sense of pride in what I was capable of doing in the kitchen. It reminded me that cooking for others is one of my greatest joys. 

This was a great place to start with the help of Fuud. CLICK HERE to get your Fuud meal delivery at $25 OFF with discount code “Mama” for the next three weeks! And check back here for more posts about our Fuud meal kit experience.

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