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Balancing Roles As A Single Parent – Kas Kids Boutique

Balancing Roles As A Single Parent – Kas Kids Boutique

I have a great respect for all the moms out there. Keeping our children alive and well is harder than most would think.

My heart is especially drawn toward single moms. This is because my mother was a single mom from the moment my twin sister and I were born. 

I often call her up in moments that I feel overwhelmed, asking her for advice. And her encouraging words will often include, “I did it on my own. So you can do it too!”

I have the pleasure of presenting the first feature of a single mom on Maturing Mama: Nandee Malebranche; founder and owner of Kas Kids Boutique.

Nandee exemplifies the strength within single moms everywhere, to multitask with superior precision.

Nandee balances parenting 5 yr old Karina, 4 yr old Sebastian and 14 month old Arlena, with a full-time job alongside her business. 

Her drive to keep pushing forward comes from her desire to attain a legacy for her children while showing them how to put their dreams into action.

Kas Kids Boutique specialises in items from multiple brands all in one place at an affordable price. They guarantee that if you are not able to find what you are looking for, they would be happy to find it for you. 

“I’ve always loved to dress my own kids. Walking the isles and looking for the perfect outfit for an event is always fun. So being able to do that for others causes me to feel at peace. And that’s everything to me”. 


As a mom it’s always worthwhile to have an activity that energizes you. When that activity can bring income and future resources, it’s gold!

We can learn a lot from Nandee’s ability to balance the role of full time parent with her 9-5 job and entrepreneurship.

“The trick is to go with the flow. Don’t stretch yourself too thin. While starting a legacy to hand off to my children is important; being present in their lives is just as important. 

I try to split my time between my full time job, owning this small business and raising my littles. It’s not easy but I manage the best I can. People say I’m doing so flawlessly and I like to think I am.

Even though ‘hot mess mom express’ happens regularly, haha.”

– Nandee

With only recently becoming a single parent and no sooner starting this new venture, Nandee has shown attainment of a rewarding life. I asked Nandee what she would like to say to encourage single mothers like herself that are still pushing toward this goal.

“Everything is going to be ok. Some days I still don’t know how I’m going to survive, but most days I see the light. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to be frustrated. Just remember that this too shall pass and everything will fall into place”.


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