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Enhancing the Flavor of Family Meals with Grandma Sandinos

Enhancing the Flavor of Family Meals with Grandma Sandinos

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Grandma Sandinos Sicilian Sauce is Gluten free, Dairy free, Sodium free, Vegan & Kosher. With NO Soy, Nuts, MSG, Corn or Eggs.”

When becoming a mom, I anticipated being the maid, the cow (breastfeeding), the doctor and of course the cook. But I never thought the most frustrating of all these roles would be the cook.

Every other role is pretty straight forward and repetitive with little room to mess it up. But being relied upon to nourish my family daily with creative meals that keep them coming back for more, can be a nightmare!

The problem is, the flavoring.

I can cook anything to perfection but if I mess up the flavor that comes together in the end, no one will eat it. And every child is the equivalent of a Michelin Star Food Critic. They are picky!

We are moms not chefs. Our priority should be getting the right food groups into our family’s bodies and the flavor profile should be the last thing on our minds. Grandma Sandinos helps with this!

Grandma Sandinos offers sauces and seasonings perfectly balanced to enhance the flavor profile of any meal.

When I cook I love to keep my meals simple and quick. One of the meals my family loves is roasted vegetables. I literally just put chopped up potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and Italian Sausages into a baking dish and sprinkle on seasonings with olive oil.

Grandma Sandinos has a Sicilian Sauce that is perfect for this type of meal. Their Famous Sicilian Sauce has herbs and spices marinating in the oil- making it flavor packed the moment you open the bottle. You can literally just toss it over a bland plate of pasta and it’s an elegant meal!

The thing about this sauce’s flavor profile is that it captures the essence of Italian cuisine with its freshness. Italian food is always fresh. And when I say fresh I mean that flavor profile of “fresh from the garden” herbs and spices. You take one bite of an authentic Italian meal and you are transported to an outdoor family table in the middle of Venice surrounded by the fresh air perfumed by gardens of flowers, vegetables and freshly baked bread! This is the essence of Grandma Sandinos products.

Speaking of freshly baked bread, Grandma Sandinos has the perfect seasoning blend for butter to make your own garlic toast! This is Grandma Sandinos Garlic Bread Mix. I used freshly baked sour dough bread from our local bakery and broiled it in the oven. A great trick is to mix the butter with Grandma Sandinos Garlic Bread Mix the night before and leave it in the fridge over night before spreading it on bread and broiling in the oven.

Seasoning meat can be an absolute irritant for me. My mom taught me how to season chicken with just lemon, salt and pepper. It gets the job done but it’s definitely not an exciting flavor profile. And when I have to season other types of meat, that’s a whole other confusing ball game! Especially ground meat.

Grandma Sandinos has Grandma’s Rub, perfect for pork and poultry. I used this in our ground meat when making lasagna and the depth of flavor was phenomenal! I typically just do salt and pepper. But using a proper blend of herbs and spices made this a well rounded Italian meal!

The awesome thing about Grandma Sandinos products is that they add depth of flavor without questionable ingredients. These products also stay clear of nuts, soy and dairy, making it safe for just about anyone in your home.

I used Grandma Sandinos Herbal Dip & Spread to create a healthier dip than what my husband and I were constantly snacking on. My husband and I got into this obsession with store bought French Onion Dip. It’s the type of dip you get addicted to and regret it every time you go in for more. It’s high in calories with questionable ingredients.

I got a container of cottage cheese and mixed in Grandma Sandinos Herbal Dip & Spread. This dip was so delicious I started putting it in sandwiches and I even put it in our lasagna. I could never do that with the French Onion Dip we bought from the store. I would even sit down with bread and just dunk it in this cottage cheese mix for a healthy snack. This dip is creamy, zesty and fresh. It’s so good the kids even love it!

Every Mama needs to have Grandma Sandinos products in their home at the ready to save them from picky eaters and boring meals. To take your meals to another level with Grandma Sandinos shop now at

And be sure to check out Maturing Mama’s cooking segments on Instagram using Grandma Sandinos products @maturing.mama

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