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Achieving Curves Naturally with The Honey Lounge

Achieving Curves Naturally with The Honey Lounge

“Ricinodendron Heudelotii (Akpi Seed)

For many years, women in Africa have been using this magical herb as their best-kept secret to firm, lift the breast and enhance the bum and hips without needing surgery.”

The Honey Lounge

My mom friends and I have seriously discussed breast implants. This might leave some of you Mamas in shock and others relieved that you’re not the only ones thinking about it.

You have to admit, after having our boobs pulled on, chewed on and then deflated like a balloon- it can become disheartening looking at them.

My kids would actually make fun of me when they would see me shirtless. They thought it was hilarious how floppy mommy’s boobs were.

And especially now that I’m losing a lot of weight, my boobs are really going down in size. But breast implants is a big medical procedure and it’s very expensive! Of course I would much rather something natural.

The Honey Lounge is an all-natural body and skincare line that promotes self-love and wellness for the body through innovative herbal remedies. Their products are made with 100% natural ingredients that come together to create healing properties for the mind, body, and skin.

The healing power of herbs is a mantra they live by. From Maca root to jasmine essential oil, the unique array of herbal ingredients they use in their products have been carefully chosen to serve a specific purpose. Whether it’s skin healing properties or comfort through aromatherapy, all their natural products are made with love and the intention of making you feel great about your body.

The Honey Lounge has a product called the 100% Natural Curve Oil. It’s created to enhance and fill our curves, firm and tone skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

This product touches all of the issues I’ve had with my breasts. I got this product a few weeks ago and started using it two times a day. It’s easy! I just roll a little onto my boobs and message it in.

By day two I felt a difference! You know that feeling you have when you’re about to get your period or when you’re pregnant- you suddenly feel your boobs get firmer. My bra was filling out more! It actually startled me. I was thinking to myself at first, is there any chance I’m suddenly pregnant.

What I love about this oil is that I’m in control of the areas that become firmer. I find that the tops of my boobs have less plump than the bottoms. So I’ve been able to get the tops thicker.

I don’t want my boobs to get too big. Just more perky. So I stopped putting the oil on twice a day simply to slow down the amount of collagen collecting in them. I just think it’s insane that I can have this much control over what my boobs look like. That’s a lot of control! I mean with breast implants, I’d be at the mercy of a doctor and his medical staff.

I love that I can finally look at the shape of my body and feel proud. I have a mom friend that loves how curvy she becomes while pregnant. Her butt and boobs are very plump and firm during this season. She always complains the moment she gives birth and her butt and boobs disappear.

She is about to give birth to her fourth baby and she’s already got a bottle of the 100% Natural Curve Oil in preparation for the moment she stops breastfeeding and her boobs and butt deflate. She’s so excited to take control of her body.

Are you ready to do the same? There’s nothing to lose with this 100% All Natural Curve Oil. To shop, go to and use discount code “mmxhoneydip20” for 20% off your entire order!

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