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Battling Panic Attacks with Calmigo

Battling Panic Attacks with Calmigo

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It’s that feeling that your entire world is crashing in on you, like a ten story building during an earthquake. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. You’re terrified and frozen. You can’t move or think clearly. And most of all, you can’t breathe.

I hate panic attacks. I’ve been getting them since I was a teenager. I started noticing them after I entered University. I was so overwhelmed by the fact that I had put thousands of dollars into my education and if I didn’t pass all of my classes, I would lose every penny.

I remember moments of staring at the pages within my text book and having my vision go blurry and my chest grow tight as I tried to focus. I would continue for hours taking short quick breaths and feeling like I was under water.

Nowadays panic attacks come in seasons. I get them when I’ve been hurt by someone. I get them when life takes a sudden unexpected turn. I get them when I’m PMSing and ovulating. I often get them at night as I’m closing my eyes to go to sleep. In this moment thoughts of things I need to get done but have no time or resources to get done, swirl through my head.

Living a life with panic attacks can drive anyone to a breaking point. In the past I have come to the point of feeling like the only way out was to take my own life.

Recently I was researching natural methods of controlling panic attacks. I’ve started exercising frequently and have added supplements to my diet. But I still have those moments when I’m suddenly in a state of panic. Recently it was after hearing great news! It was just so sudden and unexpected that it threw me into a very intense panic attack.

During my research on natural methods of control panic attacks I found something that looked intriguing. A device that helps you to take deep breaths in order to achieve a state of calm.

I researched the device and reviews online and found many people were using this to accomplish breathing techniques that often take years of training to achieve. This device is called Calmigo.

Calmigo looks like an inhaler but it’s not. This device simply monitors your breathing and with the use of three lights, it coaches you through taking a deep breath in and a long exhale.

Calmigo also provides users with an essential oil piece that clicks onto the product. You get to choose the essential oil smell that’s your favorite- for me it’s lavender. This smell assists in me being in an even more relaxed state asni take a deep smell of lavender in and then exhale.

The Calmigo device is easy to use and easy to take along with you every where. It even comes with a cute carrying case.

What I love most about the Calmigo device is that it causes me to do something. Like when there’s a fire in a building everyone knows to pull the fire alarm. Calmigo is like my very own fire alarm.

The moment I grab my Calmigo device I am acknowledging that I am not ok. This is so important because it stops me from getting trapped in that frozen state where I’m unable to do anything.

Taking deep breaths while using the Calmigo device removes that fuzzy feeling in my head. I suddenly begin to think clearer and become more present. I’m no longer trapped in my own thoughts of danger and distress- but I am present and aware of my surroundings.

When taking deep breaths in and out while using the Calmigo device, I can come to the point of acknowledging what’s real and what’s not. I can relax and feel at peace. I can breathe.

The Calmigo device is ideal for anyone at any age. I’ve had my kids use it. My six year old understands better how to use it than my three year old of course. I love that my kids can watch me taking practical steps of calming myself down with the Calmigo device. It shows them how to take control of their own emotional states as well.

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