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Athletic Apparel to Fit Your Weight Loss Journey – Imperfect Mommers

Athletic Apparel to Fit Your Weight Loss Journey – Imperfect Mommers

Does anyone else’s phone send a reminder of what this time last year looked like for them? My phone sends photos that I took this time last year. I was in shock to see what came up. It was a series of photos I took of myself for Maturing Mama and in them I was 25 pounds heavier.

It was a shock but it was also very encouraging to see. I thought back to the fact that I worked out in that body to get to this body that’s 25 pounds lighter.

I believe that was the absolute hardest part about losing weight; exercising in a heavier state in clothes that didn’t fit right. I was exercising in gym clothes I wore when I was 40 pounds lighter. Reason being, these clothes were expensive! I couldn’t afford to buy a whole other set of gym outfits in my heavier size. I decided I had to work through the discomfort of chaffing and pinching. I’ve literally chaffed so bad I bled ????

I started running outside and I remember passing by large glass windows of shops and feeling so embarrassed. I was terrified to glance at my appearance in the window and yet I always had to. I just had to see what my body looked like as I ran. What I saw was scary enough to make me hide away and never exercise in public again.

With these gym clothes I wore not fitting my body right, it made me feel like it was useless exercising. But in order to have gotten to the body I’m in now- the body that’s 25 pounds lighter, I had to suffer through that embarrassing period till my clothes started fitting again.

Losing weight is as much a mental strain as it is physical. I had to feel excited and determined to lose weight in order to have it happen. Yet everytime I saw what I looked like in my gym clothes that were two sizes too small, I lost that motivation and felt like a joke.

We Mamas deserve a line of apparel that makes us feel empowered and motivated to exercise in our bigger bodies and enjoy this exercise. It took me a year to lose 25 pounds! That’s a whole year when I needed to love my body as it was. I needed to put it in clothes that didn’t punish it for being heavier.

Imperfect Mommers was created for the Mama who needs affordable quality athletic apparel. It was created by Erica Davis, a Mama that saw the need for high quality athletic apparel for moms that didn’t break the bank.

Here is Erica to tell us more:

1. What are the values of Imperfect Mommers?

Providing great quality apparel at affordable prices

Motivating women to stay healthy, mentally and physically

Encouraging mothers to work hard and “SnapBack” their bodies

Providing top Customer Service at all times

2. How/Why was Imperfect Mommers started? Can you tell us your story?

When I started Imperfect Mommers, I was working off my pregnancy weight. I ran into one of these two issues often: poor quality workout apparel at cheaper prices or great quality at expensive prices. I wanted to provide women with the best of both worlds so I started researching and looking into how I can make this happen. After researching the field, creating a plan and getting things in order to start a small business, the rest was history.

3. What are the qualities of clothing for the average Mama that are often missing in large name clothing brands?

I mentioned it above but my clothing are great quality at affordable prices. There are a lot of companies that sell similar items to what Imperfect Mommers offer, but let’s talk about the price. Prices of my items are what sets Imperfect Mommers apart from other brands.

4. How are you hoping Imperfect Mommers will impact the mental health of Mamas today?

A lot of Mamas see that their bodies are not where it once was after having a baby and with social media and celebrities making snapping back look so easy, it can be discouraging. It can do a lot to a woman mentally. Not to mention, as a mom, it’s a challenge to balance it all and find time for yourself.

Imperfect Mommers wants to make sure Mamas know, that it takes time and hard work to get where you want to be. Take their time, take mental breaks, take time for them and look cute in our apparel while doing it!

5. What can customers expect in terms of the quality from Imperfect Mommers?

Great customer service.
High Quality apparel.
Items that can range from Small-4XL
Social Media presence on multiple platforms.

Keep up to date on all new styles with Imperfect Mommers on their Instagram page.

To shop with Imperfect Mommers go to

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