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Why We Won’t Discuss Vaccines

Why We Won’t Discuss Vaccines

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I wasn’t going to say anything about this but I’ve had too many people ask me. Mamas have asked why we won’t discuss vaccines or do a Mama’s Perspective about the vaccine. My reason is as follows… I am beyond disappointed with all the fighting!!!

We Mamas are supposed to stand together and support and encourage each other. All this fighting has done is end relationships and cause more stress and anxiety than what we already experience from COVID.

Each Mama has her own opinion and believes she’s right for what ever reason and that’s not the end of the world. She is responsible for herself and her family. That’s her right and we are not going to take that away!

And truly, to end a relationship with another Mama you think is wrong about her decision is you no longer being an example on what you’ve chosen to do.

If you got the vaccine, oh great I can see how it effects you and your family as the years go by. If you didn’t, same thing! I get to see how you will handle the restrictions and such. I have an opportunity to learn from your stand!

I’m not here to tell you not to have your opinion and stand your ground. I am here to say stop ending relationships over this. And for God’s sake stop posting articles and “facts”. We have all heard you! Every single side has been heard and if we have further questions we know exactly who to go to- there are sooo many options.

Let’s not allow this to divide us. Moms are being bullied for doing what they feel is best for themselves and their families and that’s not right. Can we please simply ask questions, make your own decision and after doing so, don’t fight anyone on their decision? Don’t belittle. Don’t give sass or attitude. Be patient and be kind.

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