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Two Make-up Items Moms Can’t Go Without – U+Me Cosmetics

Two Make-up Items Moms Can’t Go Without – U+Me Cosmetics

I believe every mom can draw the conclusion that she can wear two make up items regularly at home- it’s quick, easy and it brightens her appearance. Those items are mascara and lipgloss.

And heck, there are times my eyes can’t take the mascara. Especially during allergy season. But just that bit of lipgloss on my dull lips takes my appearance to another level.

And at those times I simply want my natural lip color to shine, the use of a lip scrub is a great help too! Lip scrubs remove dry and dead skin cells on our lips to reveal healthy and plump lips.

I’m a great believer in moms looking their best while at home. I know it’s easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone else and put our appearance last, but the application of lipgloss takes no time at all and for most of us, our lips can use the moisture.

There are many shades out there for lip color and it can be hard to figure out the quality of a brand before purchase. I’ve had some lipglosses that clump easily. These don’t look attractive.

I’m sure you know we’re all about small businesses at Maturing Mama and especially small batch.

U+Me is a small business cosmetics company that’s all about quality made lip glosses and scrubs. Here is creator Elisha Persaud to tell us more about the U+Me brand:

  1. What are aspects of U+Me Cosmetics that set this brand apart from generic store-bought brands?

I love being asked this question! The answer dates to when I was a young girl growing up with my sisters. I would always try to get my hands on their latest cosmetic purchase from a local drugstore or a fashion magazine that featured new make up trends.

Every product released, every shade created, or formula sampled is run by me with my lens of thinking how this would make a younger person dreaming of owning their own line of cosmetics feel. I work with a small team that pays attention to every detail of the product and I hope that as we continue to grow, I can continue to maintain a focus of bringing passion and creativity to the products we release, to match the beautiful combination of pairing our products with beautiful souls who find delight in make up.

You can attach a face and an experience to the U+Me brand and that is something that sets us apart from a generic store-bought brand.

  1. With your expertise what are the best colors for specific skin shades?

The beauty in U+M is that I am of a brown complexion, so I am able to test and share what compliments a wide variety of skin tones! We truly have a shade for everyone.

One of our top sellers is the nude glosses soulful set – it features four shades for a great price of just $26 – we receive great feedback from customers of all complexions on how much they love this set.

Another great feature is the nudes velvet dreamer set along with the pink and plums divine set – no matter who you are, these are must have every day essentials.

  1. Are there specific lip colors you’d recommend wearing within specific seasons?

Our #UPLUSMEBABES have been loving our spring/summer colours. If you are a fan of matching your lippies with the seasons, I recommend Punchy, Rosie, and Doorprize. Love love love these bright yet, just right colours.

For the fall/winter months, I find Legend is a great go to because it matches everything and if you want to go a bit deeper and dark, I would say Anarchy and Cocoa Puff will get the job done.

There are so many beautiful shades that I wish I could wear all in one day no matter the time of year.

  1. What can customers expect from regular use of your lip scrubs?

I am so happy you asked this. Our lip scrubs turned out amazing and I am thrilled that we can offer this product for U+Me. After just a few uses your lips literally feel brand new! Smooth, more radiant, and of course hydrated.

  1. Can you recall the season in which you started U+Me Cosmetics?

U+Me Cosmetics launched via our online store in 2020 when much of the world was experiencing the first wave of the global pandemic. I was hesitant at first as I saw many like-minded business owners come to a halt with sales. I quickly put my fears aside and took the plunge that I had long wanted to move forward with and released our first set of products.

For any entrepreneur currently contemplating when the right time would be to move forward with your passion, I encourage you to do so today. Take a chance, you never know until you try, and I am so glad that I did, when I did!

To shop with U+Me cosmetics go to

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