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Comfort & Safety in All Natural Pacifiers – Zoë b Organic

Comfort & Safety in All Natural Pacifiers – Zoë b Organic

Before my first born daughter was born, I believed pacifiers were simply the cutest accessories for babies. I understood some where in the creation of pacifiers were soothing capabilities but didn’t understand the extent of this.

When my first born daughter was a new born she didn’t take to the pacifier right away. Actually at this point we refered to pacifiers as dummies because we lived in Australia.

I wasn’t bothered that she didn’t like her dummy because she could spend as much time as she wanted on my boob. For the most part… Basically apart from when I took a shower, used the toilet or cleaned.

My husband and I were international students in Australia when my oldest was born so we had to make tough decisions concerning the hours we worked. This meant I had to get back to work when my first born daughter was only three months old.

To do this I had to leave her with my sister. There were a few problems with this. Firstly, my baby girl was used to falling asleep on my boob. She was also not used to drinking from a bottle. In fact she was used to being on my boob whenever she cried for me.

My sister had to teach my daughter to take a dummy. And when she finally took to it, she was able to remain settled while in my sister’s care. She still missed me. Like the moment I got home she spat that dummy out and cried for mommy’s boobs. But the dummy did the work it needed to.

In fact it made her transition to full days at a childcare center easier and was a great help on plane rides back to Canada when visiting family. She didn’t have any issues with ear aches during our long flights and many flight attendants would say it’s the babies using a pacifier that are the most settled.

For the fact that a pacifier is an item of great importance for a baby to feel comfort- the type of pacifier we use needs to be the safest.

In today’s world we know babies and kids can get sick seemingly at random. It’s for this reason we need to provide them with the safest natural products.

A pacifier which a baby will use all the way up to the age of a toddler needs to be safe. It needs to be chemical free. That’s why brands like Zoë b Organic are of the greatest importance for our little ones.

Zoë b Organic has handcrafted pacifiers that are 100% natural rubber and 100% plastic-free. Made from the highest-quality sap of Hevea brasiliensis trees.
Free of harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and nitrosamines.
Handcrafted in Italy.

With 3 Nipple Shapes:
Rounded (Breastfed Babies)
Symmetrical (Breastfed Babies)

Here is creator and founder Valerie Lecoeur Brockenbrough to tell us more:

My name is Valerie Lecoeur Brockenbrough, and I’m the founder of Zoë b Organic.

As an eco-entrepreneur and mom of 3, I’m passionate about offering families safe and healthy choices. I believe parents deserve options that are both safer for their children and healthier for our planet.

In fact, I think that’s pretty much the only option. I’ve become more passionate than ever about providing more sustainable choices since 2005 including natural rubber pacifiers with Simply Rubber Pacifiers.

Zoë b Organic has 3 pacifier sizes to grow with your baby. Our small nipples are slightly shorter than other nipples. If your baby has gagged on other brands, our Small is a good option. For newborn, we recommend Small.

For babies 3 months to 12 months, or those switching from a small size with another brand, we recommend our Medium.

Our Large is for babies 12 months and up.

We offer 2 Shields, circular and heart shape. Our large, circular shield is designed to come in contact with your baby’s nose, providing more comfort like a mother’s breast. Our heart shape shield leaves room for the nose.

You can check our Amazon store

Thank you for choosing Simply Rubber Pacifiers for your baby.


It’s of the utmost importance our babies use only the best products that are safe for the environment and their health. Zoë b Organic pacifiers are the best brand for families everywhere. To shop go to

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