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Find Confidence in Clothing That Fit Your Body Type – Litany NYC

Find Confidence in Clothing That Fit Your Body Type – Litany NYC

“I truly believe that when a woman feels comfortable and confident in herself, her insecurities have less of a hold on her and she’s able to focus on the things that are important to her: raising a kind family, helping others, and making the world better one person at a time. Women make such a positive impact on humanity, and clothing shouldn’t be holding them back.”

– Veronica Marrinan, Founder of Litany NYC

Introducing Litany NYC . A sustainable clothing brand created to fit the unique sizes and shapes the average woman’s body experiences. Here is creator and founder Veronica Marrinan to tell us more:

So often, what we find in stores that are accessible to the majority of women, are garments that don’t fit quite right and aren’t made with quality fabrics.

Synthetic fibers under the arms create a lack of breathability, or a dress will be too loose on the top and too tight on the bottom. This leaves women with a wardrobe full of garments that they aren’t excited to put on in the morning!

They’re expected to fit themselves into a size, instead of having their clothes fit them.

At Litany we really want to make the high fashion standard of great fabrics and an individual fit available to more women.

We change the fast-fashion model! This means that our clothes are made as they are ordered, not made and then sold, put on sales racks, or thrown into a landfill.

This has a positive impact on not only the quality of garments, but the environment as well.

With Litany NYC, our customers can expect transparency and individual attention. We’re a person centric label, and having a compassionate supply chain doesn’t mean much if we aren’t transparent.

We have a price breakdown on every product page. The price of fabric, thread, buttons, cutting, sewing, and the overhead that goes into the price of a garment is all listed out so our customers can know exactly what they are paying for. This also holds us accountable to the standards we set for Litany.

All of our clothes are made to our customer’s measurements!

I firmly believe that we weren’t made to be a size, we were made to be ourselves. So it was really important to me that the clothing fit the customer and not the other way around.

We’re dedicated to giving our customers the best possible experience in ordering from Litany. We offer free virtual measurement consultations (even for people not ordering from us!), and offer free shipping and tailoring services for up to 60 days after the order has been received by the customer.

We know that made-to-measure is a whole new experience for a lot of women, and we want to make that experience as seamless as possible.

We use pattern-making technology to input individual measurements into each garment so that each woman has a tailored fit from the get-go.

We really want our clothing to have a positive impact not only on the women we serve, but also the people who make it. We work closely with our factories to make sure the seamstresses are being paid fairly and have safe working conditions so that what makes a positive impact for our customers also helps others. We call this our “compassionate supply chain.”

With the summer season here, one of our clothing items I honestly can’t get enough of is our Dymphna Top in Tulip. I’ve been wearing it everywhere, even around the house! It’s breezy and elevates any outfit I pair it with.

Our Bernadette Dress is also a great summer selection as it has silk chiffon sleeves, making it perfect for summer or fall. Our customers love all the different ways they can tie it.

Some other summer favorites are the Naomi Jumpsuit (which is nursing friendly), the Cecilia Top (named after my best friend’s 1-yr-old), the Emelie Skirt and the Fleur Dress.

If you’re looking for something that can transition easily to fall, our reversible Lavinia Jacket has detachable sleeves! I’ve really enjoyed wearing it as a vest with a classic button-down.

Our silk scarves are also a customer favorite as a stylish alternative to a mask that you can easily wear as a bandana when you’re outside!

Your perfect fit on sustainable apparel starts at

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