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Experience the Carribean within Your Skincare – Cedros Bay Soaps

Experience the Carribean within Your Skincare – Cedros Bay Soaps

My name is Chanelle Holder and I am the creator and founder of Maturing Mama Magazine.

I’m originally from the small and beautiful Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. This is where I was raised till age eleven when my family moved to Canada.

Our recent family visit to my home island

What I miss most about small island living is the nature all around. Tropical fruits, plants and flowers on every street corner! Ingredients in food and products were fresher.

This is what’s special about my home island and it’s the essence behind Cedros Bay, an All-Natural, Clean Beauty & Skin Care brand from my home island Trinidad.

Especially at a time such as this when vacationing on a tropical island is difficult to do- let Cedros Bay soaps take you on a trip to paradise while in your daily shower.

Our mom blogger T’shai had the opportunity of using Cedros Bay’s brand new Caribbean Escape soaps just after giving birth. What an ideal time to indulge one’s self in quality skin care products! Especially while postpartum as our hormones suddenly change and we often feel deprived of important aspects of self-care.

Here is what T’shai had to say about Cedros Bay:

When I first saw Cedros Bay package box I immediately felt excited because of the exotic and very tropical graphics that were used on the packaging. To add to my excitement, upon opening the box the soaps had a very natural and distinct scent that matched the different soap types.

The items in the package were all-natural soap. Depicting the natural ingredients of Turmeric and Lemongrass, Sea Salt and Lime, Pure Coconut Oil and my favorite, Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil.

These soaps are for people that want affordable, all natural, vegan, organic products that work and don’t dry out your skin.

Cedros Bay collection of soaps can help motherhood by making life easier in caring for our littles and family’s skin. The Ingredients in the soap are therapeutic and known for healing and nurturing delicate skin.

Using the Cedros Bay soap has made my bath time feel as though I’m on a mini vacation- especially with the captivating scent of the soap.

I’m a new mom and Cedros Bay soap has made life easier on me as I don’t have time to care for my skin. Cedros Bay soap leaves my skin radiant and feeling refreshed so that I don’t feel as body conscious about my skin.

What I liked most about the Cedros Bay products are the moisturizing factor that leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and clean after a bath .

Mamas, it’s time to spoil yourselves! Go to to shop now.

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