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Heirloom Kids Items – SummerBee Baby

Heirloom Kids Items – SummerBee Baby

It’s truly something special when a baby/toddler item can be passed on from one sibling to the next and especially one family to the next.

My husband and I started our family unexpectedly as international students in Australia. When we moved from Australia back to Canada, we had to leave many baby items behind and in a sense start over the moment we arrived.

I have a mom friend I met within the first month we arrived- our M.M. graphic designer Brittny. To this day we are obviously still very close friends. When we met she decided to share with me, a number of her baby items that I didn’t have. Our kids were only three months apart so items went back and forth between our homes depending on who needed what when.

Years later, a few weeks ago I was at her house. We both now have more kids. I saw her middle child wearing a clothing item my oldest wore at her age years ago. I couldn’t believe it was still in such great condition!

Brittny and I have traded clothing and toys back and forth numerous times and the items of the best quality are still circulating amongst our kids. It’s something that truly warms my heart to see.

Our kids then share memories of the same items and there’s a special bond between our families.

Finding quality items that outlast our kids is a rare find. Much like finding a shop with a focus on creating quality items in this manner. One such shop is SummerBee Baby.

Here is creator and founder Judit to tell us more about her line of sustainable and eco-friendly product.

  1. Can you recall the moment you started SummerBee Baby and why?

I can recall browsing the shops when I was heavily pregnant (all before the lockdown happened). I found it hard to find something that was sustainable, eco-friendly and possibly not all pink and fluffy for a baby girl.

This is when the idea of SummerBee Baby was born. It took me an awful lot of research and planning to then launch the brand over a year later.

I truly wanted to create something unique and sustainable. I am also passionate about creating gender-neutral items. I would like to break the general idea about the fact that girls should wear pink and boys should wear blue.

I have plans for products made from recycled plastic, so keep your eyes open for our new product updates.

I am also currently designing a range of new products with some unique prints and colours. I am so excited and I can’t wait to have them in production.

  1. What are three must-have eco-friendly products new moms should have? Why?

I think our organic cotton swaddles are the perfect must-have. Not just because Organic cotton requires no pesticides and toxins to produce – (therefore it’s the safest and softest wrap you can have for your baby) – but also because it is multifunctional.

You can use it as a blanket, a crib sheet, a sun cover for the buggy or even as a scarf when your baby grows older.

Secondly, our burp cloths are super handy and they come in a set of 2. One can never have enough muslins with a newborn. I think I had about 20 of them and they just get used up so quickly. Our bamboo and cotton mix burp square muslins are not just eco-friendly but wonderfully soft and very versatile. Once the weaning stage begins they make a perfect bib.

Thirdly our best-selling crochet rattle. Handmade with natural cotton and beechwood, it is the perfect little item to have. They are stimulating and lots of fun, the rattle makes a little noise when it’s shaken. The beechwood is naturally antibacterial, the best for those little sore gums to chew on. No wonder they are so popular!

  1. What is your process of choosing items for your shop?

I am so meticulously detailed. It is the longest process to choose items for my little shop. I am involved from the very beginning of the process to the very end.

I work with very small workshops, which took me ages to find and build a good and trusting relationship with. We talk about designs and colours and look at all the products individually. I then order samples of everything to make sure the products meet my high-standard quality. Once the quality is confirmed we then might make some tweaks to the design and colours.

Once I am happy with everything then I will process the orders. When my items arrive, I do quality checks on all the items. I then photograph everything, edit the photos and write all the descriptions to put on Etsy and my website.

  1. What can customers expect from the quality of your products? (Are these gifts one can pass from one generation to the next?)

Quality is the most important part of my business. I suppose I have high expectations from working with high-end brands as a designer. (I used to be an interior designer for Harrods for years). Being a designer taught me a lot about quality, creativity, business and managing projects.

Quality is something I am not willing to compromise on, which sometimes leads me to a harder path. I have worked very hard to create a beautiful experience for every customer. I have designed all of our care cards, thank you and complimentary slips.

I package everything myself and triple check the quality of each product before it’s sent out.

Our products are the perfect thing to pass on to a sibling or a friend. They are high-quality as well as versatile. I aim to create unique and long-lasting products that can be enjoyed and treasured for a long time.

  1. Do you have products currently that are summer must-haves? Why are they summer must-haves?

I think our beautiful turbans are definitely the summer must-haves. They come in gorgeous colours and three different designs. It’s perfect for those little heads to be covered when the sun is out. Plus, it’s the cutest accessory out there.

I also think our rompers are the ultimate summer essential as they can be worn in so many ways. With the weather constantly changing it is a must-have piece. Any mum can truly make this piece their own. Wear it with a long or short sleeve, a blouse or just a plain t-shirt, tights, long socks or just bare legs. So many varieties for just one piece, the creativity is endless.

Baby items were meant to be cherished from one generation to the next and one family to the next. Start your legacy today at

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