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Freshen Your Home Safely with Apotheca Home LLC

Freshen Your Home Safely with Apotheca Home LLC

Before becoming a mom I often changed diapers for my friends that were moms. I saw no issues with this and I wanted to help out in this way! Because I thought these moms spent every day changing diapers. So when I’m around, I ought to help them by doing the yuckiest part of their day.

I some how thought that changing diapers for friends would mean changing my own kids’ diapers and dealing with poop as a whole would be a breeze. How wrong was I! And the worst part is the smell!

Am I the only one whose entire house seems to constantly smell like poop and pee? It literally smells like a bathroom- everywhere! And even when I clean the whole house. I can clean top to bottom and it hardly changes the smell.

I’ve seen those commercials on television for air fresheners and how they encourage moms to “freshen their homes” by using these products. But these products worry me. I mean these are products my kids will take into their lungs. And especially with COVID, we need to go the extra mile to protect our family’s lungs.

That’s why products that change the smell of the air, made by moms, are my go-to products! These are moms I know designed these products for their households first. Apotheca Home LLC. is one particular brand that did just this.

Here is Ashley, the creator and founder of Apotheca Home LLC, to tell us more about her products and why they are a benefit to every household without sacrificing the air quality.

  1. What were your feelings on store bought candles before you started your business?

Shortly before having our first born I read about the air quality dangers of candles in the home, especially with babies. I looked up the ingredient lists for myself and I decided to stop using them altogether.

After our second son came along, and we began to potty train the first, I really began to miss candles, if you know what I mean! I knew about soy candles and candle alternatives, but I still didn’t know exactly what was in them, or if they sourced cruelty-free ingredients. I wanted something I could guarantee the safety of before burning around my kids and pets.

So when I got into candle making, I knew I wanted nothing but clean and toxin-free ingredients. If I wouldn’t use it in my house, I wouldn’t make it.

  1. What did you want to set your business apart from store bought candles brands?

I really want my brand to portray a sense of detail and pride in every phase of the process. For me it’s a labor of love and I put my heart into each batch, which is why I create everything in small quantities. This helps me create consistency across the board, and hopefully inspires confidence in my customers knowing that they’ve brought a safe and well-tested product into their home.

I have so much fun personally designing the labels, even if I do bug my fiance ten times a day asking for his input on works in progress!

I also really love browsing and selecting new non-toxic fragrances. I love that feeling I get when a new candle formula is perfected. And if you open a box from us, there’s a good chance my little ones put their love into it as well!

My 4 year old loves to help me when I have orders to pack, he always asks to roll up the candles in bubble wrap and stamp the boxes with the logo. Even my niece has helped me place labels on jars and stir fragrances into wax, it’s something the kids in our family love helping with when they can! It brings me so much joy, so I’m grateful that I get to continue doing it.

  1. You spoke of balancing your career, motherhood and other hobbies alongside candle making- why do you believe it’s beneficial to set aside the time to make candles even with a busy schedule?

In my first year as a stay at home mom I really struggled with postpartum anxiety and losing my sense of individualism. It took me some time, but getting back into my crafts and hobbies really helped me get out of my head by working with my hands.

Candle making was one of many crafts that I had always wanted to learn and that, combined with my passion for safer home swaps, was what led me to make candles for my own home.

We researched candle starter kits and ordered one just to see if it was something I even liked doing. But after that first batch was cured and lit, I was hooked! I immediately started researching waxes, which of course led to looking at cute vessels and browsing fragrances. Then my imagination just ran away with it until it turned into the whole business dream.

I’ve been running with that ever since, expanding from candles to wax melts, and now diffusers with a lot more in the works!

I also want my boys to grow up knowing their mom had a vision and a dream and went for it, so they know they can, too. Even if they start small with one piece of the puzzle, as long as they keep moving forward and keep dreaming.

I try to be open about my feelings, so as my kids get older, I hope to show them that taking risks in life is really scary but it’s in taking those risks that we find our joy and quiet that voice in our head that says we’re not good enough.

  1. What are your signature smells currently and can you explain the influence behind these scents?

I like to keep a wide selection of fragrances in my shop, so that there is always something for someone. Whether it’s a fresh and floral fragrance, a clean and crisp aroma, or a smooth musk scent- I try to appeal to many tastes.

My top seller, and my personal favorite, is Egyptian Amber. It’s so warm and complex, always inviting and unexpectedly smooth with it’s musk and vanilla base.

In addition to my usual collection of fragrances, I keep a seasonally inspired stock that helps usher in the mood of the season. Right now for spring I’m loving our Neroli + White Jasmine candles, as well as Cactus Flower + Jade. In the summer, my top seller is Coconut Lime Verbena. It’s such a nostalgic and tropical fragrance that I just had to have in my shop.

In the fall I feature a customer favorite: Apples + Maple Bourbon that people love for the smooth buttery apple pie fragrance that’s grown up with a hint of barrel aged bourbon. And of course, in the winter we feature a Christmas Tree scent because it reminded me of that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling and I wanted to share that with others.

Enhance the fragrance of your home with safe smells from Apotheca Home LLC. Shop now at

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