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The Calm Joy Candle – Self-care through use of safe products

The Calm Joy Candle – Self-care through use of safe products

When I think of self-care, I think of spoiling myself. So basically indulging in any guilty pleasure I crave most in life. Bingeing rom-coms, eating junk food, hiding away from the kids with a good book.

I seldom see self-care as something I can indulge in regularly. But self-care should be a regular indulgence as it ought to start with prioritizing one’s health. This is as easy as using the safest products in our homes.

Is it really self-care if you light a relaxing candle that releases toxins into your home? I don’t think so.

Self-care starts with the right product that will enhance your environment without polluting it and won’t take away from our kids’ futures.

The Calm Joy Candle was created with self-care and mental wellness at the forefront of its brand. Creating uplifting candles that are safe for everyone is their goal.

I had the opportunity to chat with founder and creator Simone Maldonado to learn more about her brand candles.

  1. Your tag line states, “Helping you normalize quality self-care…” What does normalizing self care with the use of The Calm Joy Candle look like?

The Calm Joy Candle Company is an eco-luxury candle company that values conscious consumerism, beauty, and self love by making beautifully fragranced candles that will enhance anyone’s daily life, while emphasizing environmental consciousness and wellness.

The Calm Joy Candle Company does this by only using clean, sustainable ingredients and candle vessels as opposed to other candle products on the market that only focus on the cheapest way to make a candle, which often includes harmful and toxic ingredients. The Calm Joy Candle Company focuses on sustainability, minimalist beauty, and intentional/regular self care.

After having my daughter in October 2016, I started to really take note of ingredient lists and the things that I was bringing into my home.

Part of why I started a candle company was because I noticed that a lot of the candles that I was buying had a lot of toxic ingredients.

Fast forward to 2018 and I began experimenting with making my own candles for my own enjoyment. That Christmas I gifted the candles that I made to family members and friends and they loved them!

At that time, I didn’t think about turning it into a business, but just really enjoyed knowing where all of my ingredients were coming from and using my own creations!

Since then, I’ve moved to my own website. I’ve received so much support from family and friends, and was really getting a lot of good feedback.

  1. What inspired your “Mental Wellness Collection“?

My pregnancy with my second child- my son, was during the pandemic in 2020. I was working from home, my daughter was home from daycare because of the shutdown, and my husband was an essential worker at an addictions treatment center.

Life was tough! So I was looking for something to bring me joy, because I was struggling with gratitude.

I remembered my candle making and in September 2020, the idea of The Calm Joy Candle Company was born. I worked on wax and fragrance formulations and by January 2021, I officially launched The Calm Joy Candle Company in an Etsy Shop.

Since I was in a tough season when the idea of The Calm Joy Candle Company was born, I wanted to feature mental wellness.

I am a school counselor, and will also be a fully licensed therapist this November. So mental wellness is also something that is very dear to my heart.

My professional background has me focusing on the mental wellness of others every day, so I wanted to make sure that I was prioritizing my own mental health as well.

The collection is meant to inspire others to prioritize their own mental wellness, especially in the most difficult of times, when we usually start prioritizing everything but that.

  1. Your candles are all made of coconut wax, can you tell us the benefits of coconut wax when used in place of other bases for candles?

Yes, I absolutely love using and working with coconut wax. It’s currently the most sustainable wax on the market as it is derived right from coconuts, making it an organic and renewable source.

It’s a wax that burns with minimal to no soot, so you don’t have to worry about those black marks on your walls! It also burns way more slowly than other waxes which allows for a nice clean, even burn.

This extends the life of your candle, making it last way longer than your typical store bought candle.

  1. What are the smells for the upcoming summer collection and what inspired these?

The four fragrances that have been selected for our Summer Collection are:
Coconut Acai
Green Bamboo and Wild Violet
Creme de Mamao and Cassis
Mangosteen and Green Coconut

These were inspired by the idea of Traveling, particularly to the Caribbean or tropical locations. For those who are still uncomfortable traveling, they can bring the travel to them through this collection.

Whether enjoying a staycation or bringing your candle to a nearby AirBnB, you’ll be transported to the dreamiest of locations with these scents.

Again, the purpose of this collection is to keep your spirits uplifted and to help instill a sense of calm in your home.

Make self-care an ongoing habit in your home with your purchase of The Calm Joy Candle. To shop go to using discount code MATURINGMAMA15 to get 15%off site wide!

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