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Stand Out Jewelry – Bijoux by Anne

Stand Out Jewelry – Bijoux by Anne

Silver and white gold look great on my skin color… But even better- add a pop of color and my chocolate skin shines!

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t always the type that liked colorful jewelry on my skin. I thought that my dark skin stood out enough as is. I don’t need to draw more attention by adding bright colored Jewelry that shines in the sun light.

That sounds odd doesn’t it?

Especially for the fact that my closet mostly consists of blacks and dark greys- (so stains from motherly duties won’t show), I was at risk of seriously fading to the background. There was no excitement in my wardrobe.

So I did it! I went out of my comfort zone and wore jewelry with colors so bright it took my dark and dreary wardrobe to another level and it made my brown skin shine like gold! I did not expect this. It’s exactly what my fashion sense needed.

It’s not an easy task finding unique pieces of jewelry with beautiful colors. Especially colors that won’t become dull with use.

You’re best bet is to forget searching through store after store at the mall. Shop with small business Bijoux by Anne for quality made pieces that compliment any outfit.

Here is creator and founder Anne herself to tell us more:

Welcome to Bijoux by Anne! My name is Anne and I come from France.

I have always loved accessories and earrings have always been my go to piece of jewelry. I self-taught to the wire wrapping technique and I never looked back.

This technique is so versatile and is a source of endless gemstones and patterns combination. My pieces are entirely handmade in 14K gold-filled and in Sterling Silver. They are in limited quantities and I put a lot of love in making my pieces look perfect. I source the best quality gemstones with beautiful cuts, shapes and rich color variety. The gemstones are selected according to the designs which best enhance their beauty.

I recently expanded my collection and I now provide a line of bracelets and of necklaces. It can take me up to an hour and a half to make a piece of jewelry depending on the pattern and stones wrapping. I love colors and they are an important part in the creation process.

If you have trouble finding the perfect gift for a special person, you know that a delicate piece of jewelry will never fail to please. My jewelry comes gift-wrapped for easy gift-giving.

Get the perfect jewelry to uplift your spirit and compliment your summer look at
Enjoy a 15% discount on your first order and on all the earrings and bracelets using the code at checkout: MM15 – Valid until July 4th.

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