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Ignite Your Peace Candles

Ignite Your Peace Candles

As moms, we give and give and even when we feel we have nothing left to give we manage to find more of ourselves to give.

It’s the job! We take care of every member of our homes first. Most of us know the importance of the role we play because we have moms. I don’t know what I would have done without all the hard work and energy my mom, as a single parent put into me.

But what do you do when you’ve depleted your energy and the time comes when the entire household are all in bed and you find yourself still awake, feeling like something is missing. Feeling lost.

After being diagnosed with postpartum depression, my doctor said the reason this mental illness is so common for moms, is because of the lack of self-care. And truly we can’t going on like this- giving out of nothing. The fact of the matter is, we make ourselves sick when we don’t take time for ourselves.

Ignite Your Peace is a candle company created out of a similar season. One where owner Kierra realized she had come to her wits end and needed to refocus her energy to be her best self.

Here she tells us more of her story:

1. Can you recall the season in which you decided to start Ignite Your Peace?

I got started with Ignite Your Peace in August 2018 after becoming frustrated with my lack of self-care during a very challenging time in my life. I learned about candle making from a colleague and began my own research via YouTube. I was inspired by other mompreneurs, so I got to work using their tips to start Ignite Your Peace. Here I am 3 years later!

2. What does Ignite Your Peace mean/stand for?

As I created Ignite Your Peace, I thought, when we shine our own light we encourage others to do the same, but what happens when we don’t know how to bask in our own light?

Ignite Your Peace was created to compel your inner light to go from a dim flicker to a full force of purpose! At the inception of Ignite Your Peace my light was dim. Imagine a calamity of external events affecting your internal peace, who has time for that?!

That’s what happened to me as I watched my personal and professional life crumble like ashes after walking away from my job—I had to sage that shit! Hence, the name of one of my candles.

I realized that the same energy that extinguished my light could be a catalyst to empower my light. So, I decided to navigate through the painful fumes by creating scents to portray positive affirmations that I desired to embody.

The ultimate inspiration that catapulted the birth of Ignite Your Peace was the lack of self-care that my tribe expressed. I decided to create a sensational, aroma filled environment that would encourage them on their journey to inner peace.

As I hand-craft each candle, enjoy the patience during the process, and send my personal touch of peace to my customers, I am reminded of the vibrant light that exists in each of us.

Ignite Your Peace allows you to awaken your light while you meditate on essential values that yield a prosperous and abundant life. Each time this happens, a bit of my own peace is ignited. So, thank you!

4. What are your top three smells and can you describe them?

Our bestsellers feature three distinct, unique scents.

Sage that Ish features a deep, rich, and herbal blend of sage, lavender, oakmoss and amber to raise vibration.

Breathe Queen Breathe is an intoxicating, soothing blend of eucalyptus, peppermint blended with the calming benefits of sage and lavender–the perfect synergies.

Affirm Abundance is an exotic blend of amber, black cherry and vanilla meet earthy notes of light musk and freesia to round out the perfect scent for manifesting abundance


I have two collections: the Ignite Collection and Positive Affirmations. Between the two collections I offer 9 different signature scents, all paired with an affirmation.

Since I launched in 2018, I’ve only added one new affirmation to my candle line, Affirm Abundance. This year, my goal is to add three new affirmations and fragrances.

I had the MOST fun creating the positive affirmations line, which tend to be my best sellers. There’s a story behind each affirmation and that makes me really proud because my candle company isn’t just a representation of me, it’s a representation of the people I hold near and dear to my heart.

For example, I credit my aunt and our many conversations that led the inspiration behind Breathe Queen and Sage that ISH. Often, I would call my aunt as if the world had just ended, and she would tell me to just BREATHE. She also introduced me to the ritual of smudging my space when I needed to rid it of negative energy after a breakup.

It is no coincidence that my best sellers are Sage that ISH and Breathe Queen, with Affirm Abundance being a close runner up. The fragrance blends paired with these affirmations are just divine (imo).

Initially, I started the Ignite Collection with values I desired to embody: peace, courage and balance. I sought fragrances that contained essential oils that evoked each value. For example, it is said that lemon oil is good for evoking balance and harmony in one’s life, hence the fragrance notes paired with Ignite Balance are lemon, ginger, saffron and amber.

All of the fragrances open up your space and invite each of the affirmations to enhance your self-care routine. I often encourage people who use my line of products to pair them with their favorite self-care routine like journaling, meditation or their at home space day.


It’s time to take your peace to another level with Ignite Your Peace candles. Shop now at

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