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The Art in the Details with Bella Rose Jewelry

The Art in the Details with Bella Rose Jewelry

The art of working with one’s hands to create an everyday item is becoming rare. Today’s generation is all about getting things faster and with little effort.

But what’s missing from these common items is the unique quality of a hand crafted piece, made with intention and holding the maker’s story with in it.

Bella Rose Jewelry Design is a company holding true to the detailed craft of jewelry design. Each piece made is unlike any other, built with the founder, Heidi’s own two hands.

Here Heidi describes just how much effort and time goes into her craft as well as the core values of Bella Rose Jewelry Design:

“As far as time, it really depends on the design. My OOAK, more elaborate pieces can take days. I start by drawing the design. Then I cut the metal sheet, bezel, and/or any decorative components. I do all my own metal work from ear wire and clasps to pendants and anything decorative.

I never use prefabricated components except for the chains I use. I usually pre-cut all the pieces going into a collection before I start assembling them. Once each piece has been soldered and/or fused, they need to be cleaned and polished. When that process is complete, they go in a tumbler to further polish and harden. The final aspect is placing the gemstones whether it be in a bezel cup or on a chain.

The pieces I make for The Artisan Group, which is a premier entertainment marketing group, or the ones I created for Maturing Mama are meant to be re-produced, so they tend to be “everyday” pieces. Which means they’re more simple and take less time.

Each piece takes about half a day to complete. Simple dangle earrings only take about an hour or less. I do try to incorporate some sort of handcrafted component into each piece though.

For instance, the “From the Heart Collection”, which is the collection I created for Maturing Mama, have heart pendants or heart toggle clasps. These were cut from wire, then formed and fused by me.

An entire collection can take weeks by the time all steps have been completed. When I finish the creative process the administrative side begins, the photography, editing, loading to my website and then the descriptive content. This process can take about a week. Simply because I’m a one woman show.

As far as the effort that goes into each piece, I really do not consider it an effort. I know that sounds hokey, but I absolutely love making beautiful jewelry. I put a lot of my heart and soul into each piece I create. Whether it is a simple necklace or an elaborate one I put my heart into it. Not all designs turn out exactly how I picture them in my head. Which means I will sometimes take the pieces apart over and over until I feel it is just right.

Reducing my carbon footprint is important so I use Rio Grande for all my metal. Not only is their metal made from recycled materials, whenever possible, but they recycle all my scrap as well.

My packaging material such as boxes and tissue paper come from Nashville Wraps because they offer recycled options.

I prefer using local shop owners to get my gemstones. I like to be able to see and feel the stones. This is not always possible though. In these cases, I mostly use Rio Grande and Etsy. On occasion I have gone to local gem shows.

I want my jewelry to be as distinctive and individual as the women who wear it. As women, we have many different aspects of what makes us who we are. We are not just one thing!

My goal is to have my jewelry reflect those traits. I hope my jewelry makes women feel confident, beautiful, and special. My pieces can be classic, fun and a little bit flirty. They can also be subtle and bold. No matter their style, I like to add a little bit of what’s trending, just to be current.

Also, knowing a portion of their purchase is being donated to a worthy cause helps them feel good too.

From the very beginning, because I love animals, I decided to donate 10% of the net proceeds to A League for Animal Welfare, a local animal shelter. However, because Maturing Mama Magazine is all about mental health, 10% of the net proceeds from any purchases made from “From the Heart Collection” will go to the National Alliance on Mental Health (

I would like to mention a little something about the “From the Heart Collection”.

This collection focuses on pieces for everyday wear, simple and stylish but with meaning. In the same fashion, I chose names that also represent these qualities. The colors were chosen based on Pantone’s Colors of the Year.

The main colors are:

Illuminating yellow – I chose citrine. Citrine represents optimism, power, and happiness.

Ultimate gray – For this I decided on Sapphire and Chalcedony. Sapphire is Power, strength and kindness. Chalcedony means inner peace and emotional honesty.

The complementary colors are:

Turquoise – Wisdom, tranquility, and hope

Amethyst – Healing and purifying

The names are:

Drea – Courageous

Irie – Happy

Esme – Loved

Asta – Strong

Vita – Hope of Life

A fun fact about Bella Rose Jewelry:

The name Bella Rose came from the Corgi I had when I started my business and my logo is actually a paw print. I asked my son-in-law, who designed it for me, to incorporate the print.”

To purchase pieces from Bella Rose Jewelry, use discount code MamaLove15 at

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