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Our Mother’s Day Must Have – Weiss-n-CO Candles

Our Mother’s Day Must Have – Weiss-n-CO Candles

In this day and age it’s becoming more and more clear that what you’re thinking is very likely what everyone else is thinking too.

And with society becoming more open about the flaws in societal norms, it’s no surprise we are becoming braver than our grandparents may have been, to say what’s really on our minds.

Truly what this does is bring us all together as a people. With the reality that we can be genuine with our thoughts and opinions, yet still be accepted and loved by each other.

Have you seen bold and blunt statements present on t-shirts and household items? Statements that, after making one blush makes them give a sigh of relief as they realize, “I’ve thought that!” or “Someone had to say it!”

Weiss-n-CO is one such business bringing ones inner thoughts and statements out into the open, impacting societal norms and bringing others together with laughter.

Weiss-n-CO is a candle company providing luxurious smells for customers’ homes that take the atmosphere of that home to another level.

WEISS-n-CO was founded when Jaime, the founder and creator, wanted to let her best friend know she needed to Calm The F*ck Down! She created a candle with a calming scent, and slapped on a message she wanted to relay.

Not only was her friend not offended she signed on as her business partner. Through endless hours of finding the perfect scents, honest sayings, and making sure that the quality of the candle was bar none, Jaime soon found she was not alone in wanting to express herself when the orders for her candles came pouring in.

Weiss-n-CO are committed to serving customers with the best in class inspiration, quality, and product. They even customize their candles and sanitizers so customers can “illuminate” their thoughts exactly!

Customer Favorite Scents:

Coconut Lime Verbena – a blend of Clean citrus: top notes of lime and mandarin, mid notes of coconut and verbena, and base notes of musk, sandalwood and cashmere woods.

Tuberose – Jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and ginger; base notes of violet, ylang yalng, peach, vanilla and fresh woods.

Velvet Moss & Citrus – A refined and sensual fragrance with base notes of velvet moss, sheer musk, top notes of sparkling bergamot complemented with tangerine and melon de cavaillon.

Customer Favorite Statements:

F*ck this shit

Wash your f*cking hands

You are only as strong as the tables you dance on the drinks you mix and the friends you roll with.

There’s a relief and togetherness that comes with the bold statements presented on Weiss-n-CO candles. Have you found your home’s signature statement and smell?

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