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Six N Stone – Handmade jewelry that makes you feel beautiful inside and out!

Six N Stone – Handmade jewelry that makes you feel beautiful inside and out!

At Six N Stone, they believe that everything is energy; and that creativity, healing, concentration, and wellbeing are the key ingredients for self-awareness and aligning with your intuitions. For years, stones and crystals have been used for their powerful properties, and Six N Stone has set out to make simple and wearable pieces incorporating these energies.

Owner Shannon Burnham has studied the countless benefits of semi-precious stones and how they tie into this, and decided to create jewelry that would help to foster these qualities.

These beautiful pieces are designed by owner Shannon Burnham and handmade by her dedicated staff. Shannon started out small with earrings and simple designs, and as she practiced and her skills grew; she began to build more complex creations.  

You will find the Six N Stone website to be fun and very user-friendly. With options like Stylebook, Style Quiz, and Crystal Guide; you can truly pinpoint the perfect look for you.

I personally love these features! I can get a bit overwhelmed when looking at a site like this where I truly just want to buy one of everything, so I really appreciate the help in narrowing it down. One of the options that came up for me was a gorgeous Silver Lava and Hematite Bracelet. “Lava is all about grounding. It strengthens our connection to mother earth and is great for nature lovers. It is also a great calming stone and soothes anxiety.”

Six N Stone also finds great joy in giving back to the community. For every piece purchased in Canada, a meal is donated to the national program, the Breakfast Club of Canada. Additionally, more recently, any piece purchased in the United States donates a meal to the national program, Share our Strength. In their over 5 years of operation, Six N Stone has donated close to 10,000 meals!

Shannon shares the following; “What’s closest to my heart is that you feel good wearing our pieces. I hope with the combination of high-quality materials, powerful stones & crystals, and our charitable aspect, our jewellery will fulfill your physical, emotional, and spiritual senses.”

Please check out this amazing company at and use coupon code FIRSTPURCHASE for 10% off your first order!

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