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Journaling in Style – with Scribbles That Matter

Journaling in Style – with Scribbles That Matter

I’ve had over ten journals in my lifetime since the age of 6 and it all started with a small Rugrats journal.

Growing up my mom was a teacher with a focus on English. So naturally she always encouraged me to write. Especially with seeing my teenage big sister writing in her diary- I thought it was the thing to do as a sign of maturity.

Writing, I believe saved me from making some scary decisions in my life. When ever I was at my worst, I journaled. I journaled through times of deep depression. Through times of being bullied. Through times of feeling overwhelmed.

I felt safe to write things down that I believed no one would be able to handle hearing. And yet, I believe the act of writing these down, gave me the strength to say it out loud and get help.

As the creator of Maturing Mama Magazine, I have seen first hand the benefits my writing has on others. When I write a post, I’m never certain I’ll publish it. Especially when it’s an embarrassing issue for me. But writing it down seems to take the fear away and give me power to share it in a means to give others that power.

I believe that writing down my deepest hopes and dreams has been a powerful act. When writing down my desires in a place I feel is safe and hidden from judgement- I find myself able to explore and decide on how to make my dreams a reality.

The one gift that will never get old for me is a new journal. A new journal is like, the dawn of a new season. It’s like a new path. A road to a new adventure. When you find that perfect journal, you’ll find it suits your personality! It’s almost like finding the perfect wand in Harry Potter.

I love coming across a new stationary shop. A place with quality pens, notebooks, planners and journals. Especially one not simply with generic products like for school. But beautiful stationary products just for me- for life!

Scribbles That Matter is one such stationary store. Filled with stationary products popping with color and personality!

We chatted with Scribbles That Matter to find out more about their products and their heart behind it.

Can you tell us more about what inspired you to create this company?

Scribbles That Matter was started because we believe in the life-changing potential of the lost art of scribbling. We wanted to make notebooks and planners for bold bullet journalists, creative expressionists, and enthusiastic #scribblers all over the world.

After losing his entire Phd dissertation to a damaged hard drive, our Founder Faisal Durrani was forced to put pen to paper to rebuild his work for a looming deadline. In that process he was reminded of the incredible power of writing things down to help piece a project together, and so Scribbles That Matter was born.

With a loyal fan following that keeps growing over the years, the Scribbles That Matter brand is continually bold, fun, and believes in the power of paper.

Do you have any tips for journaling?

Keep it simple, have fun, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes! We see a lot of new customers scared of the first blank page but we are always encouraging our new journalers to take time to find a layout and journaling practice that works best for them, as opposed to what they feel they ‘should’ be doing (we feel this is a great way to think about motherhood too!) 🙂

How do you hope that your products will impact the lives of your customers?

We’re passionate about making quality journals, planners and accessories that help people get to know themselves on a deeper level. We remain fearless in our conviction that a journal can change a life, and helping our customers improve and maintain their mental health is our primary focus.

The majority of our customers are busy Mums and we really care about them feeling happier, more productive, and taking a positive view of the future for themselves, their families and what they can create in the world. So it’s incredibly exciting getting to watch all of that unfold in the Scribbles That Matter journals!

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