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Inspiring Fashion Forward Products – CoRo Designs

Inspiring Fashion Forward Products – CoRo Designs

For moms, conventional beauty can feel out of reach. Our bodies often appear far from what we want them to be and our fashion sense takes a backseat to our kids’ needs.

There are few things I feel I have control over concerning my fashion. It’s not my clothes because my kids will literally use those as a wet wipe. The items we can always have fun with, and they make no difference when our size fluctuates, are our jewelry and our nails.

I’ve always said, moms ought to wear jewelry all the time, especially at home! I believe it’s about how it makes us feel. Not to mention jewelry can truly transform an outfit! I feel like an absolute fashion statement when I add jewelry to my frumpy looking at home outfit.

For nail wear, I always feel like the act of doing my nails is a time of prestigious self care. No matter if I’m doing them myself or getting them done by someone else. And at times like these, many of us feel safer doing our nails at home.

The style of nails I’ve missed having done at salons most are acrylic. My nails don’t always cooperate with me after all. So having a perfect design stuck to my nails and not easily broken is ideal.

These items and more are available at CoRo Nailz. The go-to place for all things fashion. Here we have the creator and founder herself, Nik Austin to tell us more about her shop and how she inspires beauty within the lives of others.

Can you please tell us more about what inspired you to create this company?

CoRo Nailz is a division of CoRo, which stands for Cocyese x Romedis, my mother and my middle names. She is the inspiration behind the brand.

My mother was always dressed to the nines with her fashion, her beauty, and she didn’t allow her faith to dictate what she could or could not wear. She became the epitome of beauty for me, and that’s how CoRo came about.

Now the nails, that was my father. He was a diabetic and with being a diabetic, you have to keep your nails and toenails clean. So I always did his nails and his feet so they would be clean and free from cuts, scrapes, etc. Plus, my father had long nails and he took pride in his hands.

He would always tell me, “C, always look at a man’s hands and nails… if there’s dirt underneath his nails, they don’t care about themselves.” With my husband, I applied that same statement to his hands and of course, when I met my husband, his nails were clean LOL!

CoRo has 3 divisions: there’s CoRo Nailz, CoRo Creative Designs, and CoRo’s Closet– a new division that will be ready for the public May 1, 2021.

CoRo’s Closet will be a thrift store for those who have obtained weight loss surgery and need clothes during their transformation. I received weight loss surgery in December 2020 and the hardest thing for me is to avoide purchasing new clothes during my journey. All my clothes are now too big and as much as I love donating to Goodwill, I figured, why not help my new family- the bariatric patients, with clothes to wear during their transformation. And that’s how CoRo’s Closet will be!

My last business, CoRo Creative Designs, is my creative business where I create website and logo designs for small business owners looking to rebrand their business.

I love all my businesses but most of all, I love doing nails! I’m a Certified Nail Technician, so I can do acrylic and gel nails, but something about press on nails does it for me. Being able to change my look whenever I feel like it, at any given time, allows me to express my creativity in more ways than one.

How do you keep your jewelry prices so low?!

I’m an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories. Our mission statement is simple: “While $5 jewelry may not change the world, we believe those who wear it will!”

We feel that those who wear our jewelry will be changed by feeling confident in their appearance. “Paparazzi isn’t just about accessories, it’s also about change. Changing the way people look. Changing people’s futures and their lives.”

I joined Paparazzi in April 2020 and I’m coming up on a year with them. It really is a game changer and if you’re looking to make money from home, this is one company I recommend to join. If you love jewelry or want to make a difference in your life or someone else’s; one piece of jewelry, our trendy jewelry, can build amazing self-worth!

What sets your press on nails apart from others on the market? Aside from how GORGEOUS they are!!

Thank you so much! Hmmm… what sets me apart from others is being able to change women’s lives with my nails by reminding them of self care. I remember when I first had my son and I wanted to get back to ME, but I couldn’t take my son into nail shops because of his asthma.

I was constantly told to put my son first; your self care isn’t important anymore, it’s all about the kids. I see moms in stores and I look at how something so simple as a set of nails could make a mom feel so beautiful.

Most women I know, the first thing they do for self care is get their nails done. But with the way the world is going now, a set of my press on nails can save the day because I create from the heart different designs that accompany every woman; from those who can’t wear nails on the job to those who wear the super long nails LOL!

How do you hope your products will impact the lives of your customers?

I had a customer tell me that my nails sparked a fire inside of her; it made her want to get back to taking care of herself and looking good for herself. That was amazing to me and she lives in Canada! I never realize how much of an inspiration I am to people, whether it’s with my press on nails or when I’m speaking to crowds. I like to think of myself as a woman who realizes her self-worth and wants other women to know what that feels like through fashion, beauty, and faith!

That’s why my slogan is Be Fly, Holy, and Sanctified. It means that you can be fly at any age, holy within yourself, and sanctified to be who you want to be, no holds barred.

Nails are like jewelry; they’re a very important part of any outfit. I hope with purchase of my nail sets, a woman can feel a sense of enlightenment, a sense of beauty within herself, to put self-care first.

This year we will be introducing a subscription box for women to receive a new set of nails each month, as well as other items included in the box. For each box that is sold, a portion of the money will be donated to a local domestic women’s shelter. More information about this will be on my website.

I have a promotion code for the readers! Visit my website and enter the promo code MAMAS for 15% off any nail set!

You can follow me on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest @coronailz.

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