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Giving little kids a big voice with Think Big Little People

Giving little kids a big voice with Think Big Little People

After six years of being a mom, I’ve discovered that knowing my kids can be like solving a puzzle. Literally putting pieces of their habits, dreams, ideas and personality together to form a large beautiful picture of who they are.

And since finding out the depth of who my kids are, there’s an excitement in regards to what they are capable of. Truly, each child is incredible in their own way! They aren’t simply scattered and energetic. They have passions and goals beyond simply having fun. And how do you as a parent, inspire your kids in all that they can be?

Royce, the creator of Think Big Little People, has used her clothing brand to do just that. Here she is to tell us more:

I have three kids. They inspire me with their enthusiasm, creativity, imaginations, spunk, silliness, wisdom, caring and Big Thinking.

Big is my stepson. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He is truly selfless in so many ways. His passion is roller coasters and he’s basically a walking encyclopedia of coasters worldwide. We met when he was 9. We’ve had our ups and downs but I think we’ve come to a place where we have a very healthy working relationship.

Middle was my first-born. She’s intelligent, articulate, empathetic and gives me a run for my money everyday. She is a boundary pusher. She’s my sounding board on business ideas and my best-worst critic. Also, my tech guru.

Little was born eight weeks early. He was just over 2lbs. Growth restricted due to my pre-eclampsia. He spent 8 weeks in the NICU. Made great progress daily. Seeing all the plastic and tubes, etc., I was determined to welcome him home wrapped in the highest quality, softest stuff I could find.

I researched organic fabrics and started sewing him clothes when I couldn’t be at the hospital with him because my older two, still in school with obligations of their own, needed me too. He is sensitive, always ready to be a friend, learning and growing and astounding me with his imaginative mind everyday.

Seeing the outfits I had created for Little, my friends and family started asking if I could make things for their kids too. I started by sewing OOAK clothing for those I love and over the next couple of years my enthusiasm for creating unique, comfortable and responsible clothing blossomed into a business I never would have imagined.

I love the creative aspect of sewing clothing with quality materials and playing with fabric might be my favorite pastime after playing with my kids. But the time and effort that goes into creating OOAK pieces doesn’t allow me the reach to spread my message that Little People ARE Big Thinkers and that each person, no matter how small, can change the world. So I was inspired to come up with another approach.

Enter the small-batch line that is expected to release on April 16th… This new line will allow me to spread this message and create a movement that empowers kids.

What is Thinking Big? It’s being anti-racist. It’s amplifying the voices of those who struggle to be heard. It’s inclusivity. It’s fighting against climate change. And it’s giving kids the agency to effect change.

This isn’t just clothing. This is a movement.

Everything about Think Big Little People’s first release of small-batch clothing is thoughtfully designed; made of organic cotton, which uses less water and is healthier for farmers to produce, to ethical manufacturing done right here in the U.S. to the design and functionality of the clothes (we’re big fans of pockets!) to the hand-watercolored designs painted right alongside Little and his own watercolor set. Think Big Little People is a company built on thoughtful and responsible design. Even our colors reflect that.

Follow Your Heart – Red, Daydream Believer – Orange, Big Idea – Yellow, Recycle – Green, Save Our Oceans – Blue, Kindness Is My Jam – Purple.

Use discount code MAMA20 for 20% off your purchase with Think Big Little People. Shop now at

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