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Dreamy Wicks Candles – Natural Soy Candles

Dreamy Wicks Candles – Natural Soy Candles

Entrepreneur Dom Evans was inspired to create Dreamy Wicks Candles when the beginning of the pandemic forced her hours to be cut at her job. She began thinking, “What can I do to keep myself busy?” Then it hit her… CANDLES! She has always loved them; loved lighting them and smelling them from across the room, and finds them to be so relaxing. She decided to create beautifully decorated candles for others to enjoy using environmentally friendly soy wax.

Dom loves to add a special touch by hand decorating the jars containing her candles. While it is time-consuming, it warms her heart knowing that each candle is carefully made with love and attention to detail. She also creatively uses props in the pictures that she takes in order to help add to the theme and the idea of the product.

Dom’s scents are often inspired by the seasons, but she also likes to make candles with scents that are meaningful to her. One particularly gorgeous scent (Winter Candy Apple) was created in the winter, and inspired by the date December 14th.. the day she and her soulmate began dating. How sweet is that! This candle is a sweet scent of candy apples with little hints of pineapple and orange zest along with cinnamon and neroli. That is a candle I would like to get my hands on!

This company is inspiring on so many levels. From turning the craziness of the pandemic into a way to create and share something beautiful with the world, to the care and love put into each product, to the consideration for using sustainable materials to help protect the environment. Dom also has this inspiring message to share:

“I hope that Dreamy Wicks inspires everyone to chase after their dreams no matter what. If you have an amazing idea, product, or even want to start some that no one has seen before, go for it! The only person that could stop you from chasing your dreams is you. I have worked so hard on Dreamy Wicks since I started candle making and I am so thankful for all the support I have.

Of course, there are going to be ups and downs in your journey, that just comes with everything in life. As long as you keep telling yourself you can get through it all and push through, anything is possible. My small business journey has shown me that and I’m currently working towards my goals because Dreamy Wicks began as only a dream.” 

Please check out these beautiful candles at and use DREAMYMAMA20 for 20% off all orders $26 or more!

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