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New Leaf Designs by Kelsey – Jewelry & gifts for the soul-seekers and free thinkers

New Leaf Designs by Kelsey – Jewelry & gifts for the soul-seekers and free thinkers


Momtrepreneur Kelsey Face has long dreamt of owning her own gift shop where she could sell items that she had created and designed herself. After nearly losing her life during the delivery of her first baby, Kelsey struggled with postpartum depression,

PTSD, and anxiety. She knew that it was time to heal, and had to make the difficult decision to leave a job that she loved to become a stay at home mom. Kelsey realized that she needed to have goals and passions of her own, and decided to use her time wisely and channel her creative energy into making her dream come true. Luckily for EVERYONE, New Leaf Designs by Kelsey was born.

Kelsey is a truly inspiring human! She became pregnant with her second son shortly after launching her brand, and has continued to run her business while pregnant, postpartum, and adjusting to life being a mother of two. She designs her stunning jewelry and home decor herself, and also sources her materials from small businesses all over the world.

Nothing makes her happier than hearing how her beautiful products have brought her customers joy; not only for themselves, but for the loved ones that they are sharing them with. Her goal is to always deliver a quality product with gift-ready packaging so that the recipient feels wonderful about gifting the item, or can feel like they have treated themselves to something special. 

Kelsey sent CEO of Maturing Mama Magazine Chanelle Holder a gorgeous pair of earrings to try for herself, and here is what Chanelle had to say:

“I love wooden jewelry for its bohemian look. It’s an added bonus having that good feeling of knowing natural material was used for my jewelry.

I received a pair of stunning wooden earrings from New Leaf Designs. What I love most about them is the intricate patterns made within its cut. There are no slivers and the edges were done with great intent.

Wooden jewelry can make me nervous concerning its durability. I want my jewelry to not be too thick hanging from my ears, but also not too skinny as to break.

These earrings from New Leaf Designs are firm but slim. They are thick enough that they don’t bend in the slightest and seem sturdy in between my fingers. Yet they still appear delicate.

These will be a great add on to dresses in the spring and summer. As well as to spruce up a casual out fit of a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt.”   

Sounds pretty fabulous to me!! I don’t even own a dress, but I can honestly say that sometimes all you need to feel glammed up is a gorgeous piece of jewelry to pair with your jeans/sweats. Trust me when I tell you; this is some of the most unique and beautiful jewelry I have ever come across. 

Not only has Kelsey created spectacular items at an affordable price, she also does her daily affirmations and encourages us to do them as well. With her new line of essential oil rollers, stones, and crystals; she has created products that can help us to be more mindful and grounded.

Kelsey has personally benefited from aromatherapy and stone blends, and shares the following about her product “Wink”; “Wink is an essential oil roller bottle with Rose Quartz stones and Pink Pepper essential oil. Rose Quartz is well known as the stone best used to encourage self-love. Pink Pepper Oil is a lightly spicy scent which brings out a little bit of a courageous confident feeling.” Sounds like something we all can use!

Kelsey believes that stones have different meanings. Her favorite way to choose one is to follow which one speaks to her and become acquainted with the different meanings. For example; Kelsey shared her thoughts on what the petrified wood stone means to her.

In her words, “A petrified wood stone is a stone that has evolved from something very different (previously a soft wood) from what it is now. Over much time it has fossilized and become this new beautiful specimen. That in itself can be a nice reminder to have patience and that through patience you can totally change your circumstances or mentality.” What an inspiring thought!

The heart behind New Leaf Designs by Kelsey is so genuine, and so inspiring. It’s not often I personally come across a company that I am so excited about. From the gorgeous designs to the support of small businesses, to the care and the thought that goes into the packaging.

Please, do yourself a favor and check out this incredible company at Use code Mama15 for 15% off!

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