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When Uncertainty Brings Entrepreneurship – Naked Candle Collection

When Uncertainty Brings Entrepreneurship – Naked Candle Collection

March of last year was when the world changed.

For many of us, we had big aspects of our daily lives come to an end. Some lost their jobs. Some had to stop attending classes, stop out door hobbies and gatherings with communities.

But what did you do with this new season? Did you see this as a season of opportunity or a season that has simply come to an end?

The idea to start a business venture when life has brought up uncertainty may seem risky. But for Sade, the creator of Naked Candle Collection, a sudden end to her time studying as a nurse in 2018, brought her the opportunity to become an entrepreneur!

In fact, Sade didn’t just start her company when life seemed to come to a sudden halt. She was also having a hard time dealing with the sudden closure of her nursing school. It was her desire to find something that excited her as much as nursing school, that brought her to order her first kit to begin a new journey of creating candles.

Sade spent her time hard at work, perfecting this new craft.

“Through trial and error, late nights, hard work, and dedication I was able to create a quality luxury brand!” – Sade

Sade’s new found skill didn’t stop at just benefiting her. She moved on to work with other businesses and entrepreneurs to broaden her brand.

“My goal is to connect with all my customers, connect with more small business owners and to expand my workspace so that I can create an abundance of products.” – Sade

Naked Candle Collection is now available in multiple locations! Las Vegas, L.A. and Inglewood California.

Naked Candle Collection goes beyond a simple brand as Sade’s story inspires us to thrive when faced with sudden uncertainty and new life challenges.

As Sade says, “Naked Candle Collection is more than just’s art, art is life.”

Go to to purchase today!

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