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Little Pegs – Organic and sustainable children’s clothing

Little Pegs – Organic and sustainable children’s clothing

Little Pegs owner Jenny Sinton has created a children’s clothing brand that can help to make a difference in the environment and our children’s lives. A brand that offers high quality, soft, playful, affordable, environmentally friendly, 100% organic, unisex wardrobe essentials that can be lived in, played in, and passed on to the next generation. Jenny has put her degree in fashion design to good use, and creates the beautiful designs herself! She has always believed that clothing is about quality over quantity, that being on-trend isn’t all that matters, and that clothes are an investment.

The heart behind this company is so inspiring! Not only is Jenny concerned with the social and environmental consequences of the fashion industry, and is doing her very best to make a positive difference; she also genuinely cares about the health and safety of your little ones. Knowing that clothing is often treated with chemicals and plastics that can cause redness, irritation, and dry skin; Jenny has created a healthier product using one of the safest and best materials that can be used to make clothing; 100% organic cotton.  

Among other things, no chemicals are used in the growing of organic cotton, and its production sustains the health of people, soils, and ecosystems. According to, organic cotton farming has the potential to save farms 218 billion liters of water and 288.7 million kilowatts of energy, among other benefits. Additionally, since they are not being exposed to toxic chemicals, growing organic cotton also helps to keep farmers and their families safe. Little Peg’s products are certified by the OCC (Organic Cotton Colours) and the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This guarantees the health of the workers involved in growing the cotton, and also provides a credible organic status.

For over a decade, Jenny has been teaching young adults about the significance of why sustainability is so important in the fashion industry. An industry that is the second most polluting industry on Earth, and is the second largest polluter of clean water. Fast fashion (a model of mass-producing, cheaply made items at a lower price point) is a surprisingly huge threat to our environment. These clothes are not meant to last, thus encouraging consumers to shop more often and toss more clothes out. A huge percentage of this clothing ends up in the landfill (where they release greenhouse gases and leach toxins and dyes into the surrounding soil and water) rather than being donated or recycled. 

At one point, it occurred to her that it wasn’t just a problem with the products; it was about the lack of purchasing options for consumers. Even when looking at other organic children’s clothing brands, Jenny noticed that mass production was still an issue and these companies were continually supplying new products to their consumers; regardless of how wasteful this is and how it negatively impacts the environment. Jenny believes that less is more, and by having a small choice of garments and a minimal production order; Little Pegs is able to keep it simple with minimal waste.

Jenny’s goal is to encourage customers to support a circular fashion business. This is basically a regenerative system where garments are in circulation for as long as their maximum quality is retained. This can be accomplished by recycling, donating, upcycling, and handing it down. Thanks to the use of organic cotton, once they can no longer be worn, they can be safely returned to the biosphere through the recycling process. Understanding that children grow so quickly, and that replacing with new is creating more and more waste; Jenny is also looking into offering a rental service! 

The wonderful part about working with companies like Little Peg is that they make you think, and to really consider the products you are purchasing and the industries you are supporting. It’s easy to get caught up in this desire to be trendy and just have more, more, more! Simply based on my interactions with Jenny, and the awareness this company has brought me, I was inspired to do my own research about what really goes on in the fashion industry. For example; according to, many brands use synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and acrylic that take hundreds of years to biodegrade. As a lifelong ocean lover, I was stunned to learn that an estimated 35% of all microplastics in the ocean come from laundering these synthetic textiles. I had never thought to connect the clothes I was wearing to the effect their production and laundering are having on the environment that I care so much about!

Little Pegs isn’t just about beautiful products. It’s about buying into a lifestyle; recognizing and embracing slow fashion which will benefit our future, individuals, the environment, our communities, and our children. Jenny believes that it is so important to support and nurture a clean and safe environment for our children to grow up in. In order to help achieve this, she believes that education is vital for both children and parents. She strives to provide parents with more information and to raise awareness about alternative purchasing options of organic, sustainable products. In Jenny’s words, “Little Pegs can offer your children a better, cleaner, and brighter future. You just need to believe in the lifestyle being offered.” 

For more information, please check out this amazing company on Instagram @littlepegs_ and on their website
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