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Mama + Mimba Maternity – Glowin’ Mama Essentials

Mama + Mimba Maternity – Glowin’ Mama Essentials

Mama + Mimba Maternity is an online maternity boutique that uplifts and empowers mamas-to-be with beautiful, elegant, and chic clothing. As a new, Black-owned, woman-led small business, Mama + Mimba Maternity is a brand that inspires mamas-to-be to feel beautiful and powerful during their pregnancies with bold fashion statements; and hopes to bring more representation of Black women to the maternity wear space.

Mimba (pronounced meem-bah) means pregnancy in Swahili, which is the mother language of Melissa Mulengwa, Mama + Mimba Maternity’s Owner & Founder. As a first-generation immigrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Melissa was deeply inspired by her Congolese roots (alongside her mother’s wisdom on pregnancy and motherhood) to create a maternity clothing brand that encompasses her culture, her passion for fashion + style, and her love for working with pregnant women.

She discovered her passion for working with pregnant women while working at a women’s health center in San Francisco, which was centered on providing integrative and holistic health services to women and couples who were trying to conceive, pregnant women, and women who were postpartum. Mama + Mimba Maternity gracefully brings together Melissa’s biggest passions to effortlessly create a unique maternity clothing brand that strives to inspire all mamas-to-be to feel beautiful and powerful during the most transformative stage of their lives. Through Mama + Mimba Maternity, Melissa intends to capture her beautiful Congolese culture and introduce a new and refreshing take to maternity clothing.

Mama + Mimba Maternity provides mamas-to-be with a carefully curated selection of chic and elegant pieces that complement their adorable baby bumps (and beautiful postpartum bodies). Their signature look includes bold prints, vibrant colors, clean lines, and modern cuts that are exceptionally classy, fashionable, and feminine while offering a high level of comfort and functionality. Alongside high-quality style and functionality, Mama + Mimba Maternity deeply values cost-effectiveness and utilization. Thus, all of its pieces can be worn during all 3 stages of pregnancy and postpartum! Hooray! Mama + Mimba Maternity’s goal is to encourage all mamas-to-be to invest in its high-quality, stylish maternity clothing because they deserve to look and feel their absolute best while carrying life inside of them!

With Mama + Mimba Maternity, Melissa hopes to inspire all mamas-to-be to embrace their new bodies (and adorable baby bumps) with a bold fashion statement, and to celebrate Black pregnancy and motherhood in a beautiful light. Please visit Mama + Mimba Maternity to indulge in its beautiful maternity fashion! Also, join Mama + Mimba Maternity’s mailing list to receive $15 off your first order!

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