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Holistically Happy – Truly natural skin care, for the most sensitive skin

Holistically Happy – Truly natural skin care, for the most sensitive skin

Motivated by her own experience of suffering from extremely sensitive skin, entrepreneur Jennifer Busselle set out to create a line of products that could help others in the same situation. She was frustrated with the negative reactions she was having to products, was fed up with ending up at the doctor for creams to help her latest rash, and knew that she wasn’t the only one suffering from this. Determined to do something to help, she began studying dermatology and herbalism, and one day went into the kitchen and started combining ingredients to create a balm. She was thrilled to discover that it worked! Jennifer found a way to soothe her irritated skin naturally, and created a balm that induces healing and works beautifully. Thankfully, Jennifer didn’t stop at making this soothing body balm. She went on to create more fabulous products using non-toxic, all-natural, organic (whenever possible) ingredients while supporting small businesses and her local farmers.

Who doesn’t want beautifully plump, moisturized skin? Using an exceptional blend of 100% plant-sourced hyaluronic acid, cucumber and aloe vera extracts, and pure organic frankincense essential oil; this is exactly what you can expect when using the Holistically Happy Facial Serum. Hyaluronic acid is well known for its skin benefits. It can help to replenish moisture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and make the skin look more smooth. Cucumber and aloe extracts are basically superfoods for your skin and can help to hydrate skin, soothe and relieve puffiness, have anti-aging benefits, and more!

Each ingredient in the products Jennifer creates is carefully chosen for its benefits. From the lavender (known for it’s anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and calming properties) in the Lavender Essential Spray, to the cinnamon (known for its cognitive benefits and anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties) in the Cinnamon Essential Spray. These sprays are designed to be a hand purifier, mood enhancer, and room spray. They moisturize the skin as they purify, smell fantastic, and are made using all-natural ingredients!

Jennifer has also created a beautiful, organic, beeswax candle. She discovered that beeswax naturally has a honey vanilla scent, and helps to aid in detoxifying the air. The beeswax is organically farmed in Placentia, California by people who genuinely care about the bees and their well being. In an effort to reduce her carbon footprint as much as possible, she also uses an organic hemp wick that is also coated in beeswax. Hemp wicks are lead and zinc free, environmentally sustainable, and are a renewable resource. 

By using non-toxic, all-natural ingredients, and supporting local farmers; Jennifer is committed to helping people and the environment. Please check out this amazing company at Holistically Happy. Use code Hey Mama at checkout for 15% off!

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