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Buddi – A Friend To Assist Kids In Healthy Habits.

Buddi – A Friend To Assist Kids In Healthy Habits.

 “Our goal with Buddi is to ‘build the blocks for a healthier and safer future’ by providing parents and families with products and services that can alleviate common parenting pain points while offering solutions that are fun for children but can also teach them better habits. Whether through practicing hygiene or learning something new”.

My name is Brittny. I am mom of three and the head of Maturing Mama Photography Department. I have two girls, 5 and 2 and a 6 month old little boy. 

I’m in the grocery checkout lane paying for my groceries. I tap my card to pay, throw my wallet in my purse and load the bags into my stroller. As I walk out of the store, the baby starts to get grumpy. He’s had enough shopping and wants out. I go to grab him but then remember I’ve just touched all my groceries and my hands aren’t clean. I start frantically digging through my bottomless diaper bag for the hand sanitizer. Out comes the wallet, the keys, the diapers, wipes, toys, receiving blanket… Where is that tiny bottle?!! 

As the seconds go by, my baby cries louder. And nestled in the very bottom corner under a million crumbs and receipts my hand sanitizer sits. I quickly squirt some in my hands, rub them together and take my baby out. Phew, crisis averted. I calm down and look up from my baby- my stuff is everywhere. 

Hand sanitizer is the new normal. I use it all the time, I can’t always wash my hands when I need to and it’s become a necessity because I’m always dealing with kids. But the practicality of finding it fast, is not there. These tiny little bottles seem to have invisibility powers. I can’t tell you how many half full bottles I’ve misplaced. They’re probably off hiding with all the missing socks.

When Buddi offered to send me some of their hand sanitizer holders, I jumped at the opportunity! They make high quality silicone hand sanitizer holders and are not only functional, but they’re cute! No more rummaging through your purse to find the bottle. No more losing bottles before they’re gone. 

They have a variety of designs to choose from (my favourite one is an ice cream cone! It’s adorable!) These designs make kids excited about hand sanitizing. As I was trying to photograph some of them, my kids could not keep their hands away. They’re soft and you can attach them to anything. Then if you change your mind, you can easily open it and attach it to something else because they’re reusable. These make perfect stocking stuffers!

Here’s Buddi to tell us more:

At the onset of the pandemic, we noticed that many families were impacted, especially those with children. Children lead busy and messy lives and can easily be a carrier for Covid-19. Through multiple conversations with parents of small children, we learned about how difficult it can be to motivate and teach kids to wash their hands. We also have close family with young children and younger cousins. 

We wanted to help make a difference in their lives by offering affordable, fun, and safe products that can help parents teach children responsible habits. With that as our inspiration, came the idea of starting our brand Buddi. 

Given the current pandemic, we wanted our first product to do just this, which is why we designed Buddi Hand Sanitizer Holders. We noticed a large gap in the market where parents were not being offered convenient and reliable solutions for hand sanitizing. Also available were products that were not child friendly. With Buddi Hand Sanitizer Holders, the fun designs make them appealing to children and the whole family, while also serving as a great way to encourage kids to wash their hands.

Children tend to have busy lives that can get a bit messy. Between being at home, with friends, or at school, we also wanted to include a keychain into our design so it can be attached to multiple different items, ensuring easy access to clean hands. This way, the whole family can enjoy themselves! 

Let their kids get their hands dirty, and not have to worry about the health and safety implications. By providing a safe and convenient product to keep hands clean, we hope to help families reduce their exposure to Covid-19 and any other viruses or infections along the way. Encouraging children to learn how to be responsible. 

Buddi products are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. The silicon case and bottle are also BPA free to further guarantee safety. 

 At Buddi, we know that our future depends on bright young minds. We are committed to building the blocks for a healthier and safer future, as our motto says. 

In addition, Buddi subconsciously helps encourage gender neutrality choices for families so they can integrate products that are suitable for all genders. This is especially important to consider in today’s day. They can have multiple products to choose from, to play with and use based on their preferences.

Buddi makes great stocking stuffers for the holidays! To purchase, visit Buddi.

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