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PeachyPlum Natural Skincare Simple Luxury Skincare for the Woman on the Go

PeachyPlum Natural Skincare Simple Luxury Skincare for the Woman on the Go

Rebecca and Tamara are sisters who are passionate about natural skincare. When one of their daughters was born with a rare genetic disorder, their interest in all things organic and natural became a bit of an obsession. The many sensitivities they had to contend with led them on a journey to discover natural alternatives and eventually, start making their own skincare and household cleaning products.

Reading their story, I could relate to their mama bear instinct to care for their children even when it meant the best solution was something they had to create themselves! Not only did they find skincare solutions for their family members, as well as themselves, they were able to take their results and turn them into something even bigger that could help countless others with their skincare needs. 

Inspired by their tenacity and resolve to find skin solutions for their family, we asked to hear more about the origins of PeachyPlum Natural Skincare so we could share it here with our readers:

One of the biggest differences between our products and similar items is that our products are formulated using only 10 or less signature ingredients as we believe that when it comes to your skin, simple is best. Too many ingredients can potentially confuse and irritate the skin. PeachyPlum natural skincare is simply formulated to be effective yet luxurious. Caring for your skin doesn’t need to be complicated. 

We have chosen ingredients that work together harmoniously to care for the skin you live in. Just like food is better eaten fresh, we believe that your skin deserves fresh food too! Made fresh and packaged in smaller quantities, our products are meant to be used up, not saved for special occasions. 

We have grown very fond of our body buffs, which are a bit different than most products we have tried. We make PeachyPlum Body Buffs in a whipped oil and butter formula so that they are extra moisturizing. Our hope is that our customers will try our Buffs and fall in love with them as either a stand alone product or as part of our “pamper and prepare” skin basics duos. For instance, the Body Buffs pair beautifully with our Body Butters for extra moisturizing and hydrating indulgence! 

One other major difference is that we have intentionally priced our products in order to make them affordable and accessible. We know that we could charge a lot more for our natural skin care formulations, but we don’t. Good skin care doesn’t have to break the bank!

On the hunt for just the right formulas for each of our products, we started by identifying the skin issues we wanted our products to address, namely issues we were facing with our own skin. We then set about researching which natural ingredients best address each particular issue. Countless hours were spent combing through available research, efficacy studies, comparing tried and tested popular products, and learning from industry experts, in order to determine the best formula for each product. 

For instance, we both have extremely dry skin. We wanted to create a body butter that would address this extreme dryness. From our research, we learned that Black Currant Seed Oil is particularly effective at nourishing and hydrating dry scaly skin. So, we formulated Currant Mood Balm, Buff & Butter using Black Currant Seed Oil as the star ingredient. We recommend this product line to all of our clients looking for deep hydration. 

We are currently enrolled in an accredited online formulator course as part of our ongoing education as we believe that we must keep learning in order to provide the best possible products for the women we serve and ourselves.

Sensitive skin in general has been the main focus of our formulations. Tamara’s daughter has a rare genetic disorder and has very sensitive and reactive skin. Additionally, a number of people in Rebecca’s family face the constant and ever-changing battle against eczema. We both have sensitive skin as well, so it continues to be important to us to formulate products that are safe to use by even the most sensitive individuals. 

With this in mind, we formulated our PeachyPlum Baby Balm – for actual babies and skin that needs to be babied. Baby Balm is a gentle and effective, hardworking, and all-purpose skin multi-tasker. It is part of our herb-infused oil line formulated to harness the healing power of organic herbs. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to be safe for even newborn babies. Even though it was intended for baby’s bottoms, we use it on our faces. It leaves our skin incredibly and luxuriously soft. 

So, stay tuned! Given how pleased we are with the results of this product, we have an herb-infused face line of pamper and prep basics coming soon. We really want to create simple but luxurious products that are effective for people of all ages and stages. We both have skin that is dry and dehydrated so we formulate our products with this issue in mind.

Exposure to the elements, environmental pollutants and the passage of time, all threaten the body’s largest organ, the skin, on a daily basis. PeachyPlum natural skincare products nourish and moisturize while protecting the dermal layer from daily stressors. Oils and extracts of fruits, flowers, and roots are thoughtfully incorporated for skin support, adding wholesome goodness to each product. Our hope is to make natural products from simple ingredients that are easy to use, safe yet effective, and simply luxurious for anyone looking to care for their skin naturally.

Our main ingredients consist of organic butters, oils, and fruit, flower, and root extracts. Shea, cocoa, and mango butters form the base of many of our formulations while plum seed, peach kernel, blackcurrant seed, safflower, and meadowfoam seed oils act as moisturizing, antioxidant, skin-loving powerhouses. Our butters and oils are chosen for their low non-comedogenic profiles so as to be suitable for all skin types. Vitamin rich fruit, flower and root extracts such as lavender, calendula, chamomile and hibiscus feed and nourish the skin. Each ingredient is chosen for its unique therapeutic benefit and is carefully selected to create simple formulations suitable for the most sensitive individuals. We are committed to using wildcrafted, organic, natural and/or ethically harvested ingredients, local when possible. We are in the process of becoming a Fairtrade international affiliate and obtaining our Leaping Bunny certification. Our future goal is to become Ecocert approved. It is important to us that we do our part for caring for the earth and all who call it home.

If our skin could talk, it would tell you that it has fallen in love and has never been happier!! Rebecca’s skin has fallen in love with all of our products featuring Plum Kernel Oil. Plum oil is an antioxidant powerhouse and one of the best kept secrets in the beauty industry as it is great for minimizing wrinkles and dry skin. Plum oil is found in our “Calm Before the Storm” products and will be a featured oil in our future face “pamper and prep” products. Hands down, no pun intended, Tamara’s favourite product is PeachyPlum Palm Balm! She is fond of using it on her hands as well as any other body part in need of some TLC. She loves to tell clients how it will  “revolutionize” their hands. 

We both have always had dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. And now that our skin is “mature”, we are especially aware that it needs some extra TLC. We have become much more selective with what we slather on our bodies and have become a bit snobbish when it comes to skin care ingredients. We have learned that simple, good ingredients produce happy, glowing and nourished skin and that good skin care doesn’t have to be complicated. We expect that our clients will discover the same! They will discover just how simple it is for them to practice daily self-care by caring for their skin. Our philosophy is, “Simple ingredients. Simple to use. Simply luxury.”

Check out all their skincare options at PeachyPlum, and use the code MAMA20 for a 20% discount off an order of $50 or more!

*all photos were taken by Rachael Shannon Photography

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