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Joel Sunglasses – More Than Just A Fashionable Brand

Joel Sunglasses – More Than Just A Fashionable Brand

It all started in April 2020 in Amsterdam during the lockdown period. It was a sunny morning and we were having our coffee in the garden. We were having a conversation about how times are changing and how this Covid-19 crisis has affected everyone. But it is not only about Covid. This is way bigger! We are all so caught up in our daily lives and routines that we almost forget to live. We forget to take a moment and breathe. We don’t really appreciate what is around us, all this beauty that nature is surrounding us with. This whole period has really been an opportunity for introspection. We could even say, the lockdown made us realize the importance of appreciating things and people!

The whole idea behind starting Joėl Sunglasses, an eco-friendly brand, was exactly this feeling of urgency to take action and raise awareness. We are here to offer a different way of thinking and give back to communities in need by providing a product that is friendlier to the environment and supports social equality!

There have been times when businesses were all about making a profit, but that has changed. Each business should be held responsible for the impact it has on the environment and the community. For us this is a starting point and our main priority. We went on and set three core values that describe us as people and would become Joėl Sunglasses’ beating heart: 

– “We love fashion”

– ”We love the environment”

– “We love all people” 

And then Joėl Sunglasses was born!

The birth of our brand was based on our love for fashion, the environment, and people!

At Joėl Sunglasses we love fashion.

In the sunglasses market, a high quality product usually comes with an unreasonably high price. Joėl Sunglasses offers the highest quality materials at very reasonable prices, because everyone deserves to be fashionable! We combine the latest fashion trends and statements with eco-friendly and recycled materials. The result is a product that respects the environment and is made for all people.

At Joėl Sunglasses we love the environment.

All of our products are eco-friendly and handmade. When the brand started we, as Joėl people, agreed upon one core value; the love for the environment and commitment to sustainability. 

The environment is the reason people breathe, move and live. We should respect and love it. This is why we want to minimize any negative impact on the environment and, through several actions in the future, have a positive impact. 

At Joėl Sunglasses we love people.

We are not here to just sell sunglasses! We have a mission. 

We are here to support people. We stand for equality! We stand for diversity! We embrace uniqueness! We are here to help people and show that being different is beautiful. We want to make a difference. In these difficult times we go through, we want to see people smile. We want to make people happy.

By purchasing a pair of Joėl Sunglasses you get a high quality product for a low price but you also help us make the difference we dream of. At Joėl Sunglasses we believe that every purchase you make has the power to change the world!

Fashion is our passion. 

We have different styles for everyone. Every pair in our collections are handmade and designed in a way that compliments the facial features and personal style of everyone. We follow the latest fashion trends but we also make our own fashion statements. We like combining Luxury, Simplicity, and Uniqueness into one. Our sunglasses’ styles are unique and have their own names. They have a personality and a goal to style our customers’ moments. Each and every pair is made with love and care. Our love for fashion, the environment, and people can be recognized in every single pair. We pay attention to every single detail so that we share with the world the best result! Our sunglasses are special and so are you.

We choose carefully the materials that are used for our frames. We ensure that each and every one of our products doesn’t cause any harm to people, animals, or nature. We only use environmentally-friendly plant-based and recycled materials like sustainable wood, cellulose acetate, recycled acetate, recycled metal and stainless steel. Wood is the most sustainable natural material that can be used to create sunglasses. Our wooden sunglasses are made from sustainable sources, mainly from ebony wood, walnut wood, and sandalwood. After their life cycle, wooden products can be recycled or upcycled and used to create other products. Wooden products are the answer to protecting our environmental health. Studies have shown that wood offers lower gas emissions, less water pollution, less air pollution, and lower volumes of solid waste.

The primary raw materials used to make Acetate are natural cotton and wood fibers acquired from different types of plants. Cellulose acetate in particular is a natural and renewable material that decomposes over time and provides an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics. It is biodegradable and due to the fact that no chemicals are needed for the production, acetate sunglasses do not trigger any allergies and protect the people wearing it. 

Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable. As it is not coated with any toxic materials it does not produce toxic runoffs. It has a minimal impact on the environment and its life impact reduces significantly as it is used and recycled. Stainless steel does not breed bacteria easily and it is very simple to clean. This is of high importance since a pair of sunglasses is going to be in contact with your face. 

Stainless steel is deemed a green product. It doesn’t remain in the environment and doesn’t pose any threats to nature, people, or animals. Metals can be Recycled and Reused in the creation of another product. This cycle allows the metal to remain a permanently accessible material through recycling. Each time a metal or steel product is recycled into a new product the properties of the metals are retained. As a result, this cycle can take place an infinite amount of times with little to no change to the inherent properties of the metal. This fact makes metals and especially steel and aluminum efficient and sustainable materials. For the record, aluminum is one of the most widely recycled materials. Through the recycling process it saves 95% of the energy that it would cost to produce new aluminum!

At Joėl Sunglasses we strongly believe that every small action can have a great impact! Every choice is important and every purchase has the power to change the world! A great pair of sunglasses can really define your style and help you express yourself. But it shouldn’t be just that! We wanted to go the extra mile, to provide an alternative and to give the power of choice to our customers. It is not only about the excitement of having a great pair of high quality, fashionable sunglasses, but also about the satisfaction of making a conscious choice. By choosing Joėl Sunglasses you support an idea, a cause and a way of thinking! 

We are a part of something bigger. We want to enter into a discussion with people and make them aware. Every choice we make at the present has an impact on our future. Don’t you think our way of living could be improved and lead to a brighter and more sustainable future? What’s even more appealing? You don’t have to pay much to own a high quality pair of sunglasses. Joėl Sunglasses is a high quality brand who believes that fashion applies to everyone. We want our customers to wear their Joėl sunglasses with pride for having contributed towards our mission to change this world into a better place!

On a more practical level, an online shop gives us the ability to communicate our ideas and share our products with people all around Europe. This way, we aspire to create a community of people greater than that of a local store. We offer free and fast shipping to all the European countries. Within a week our products will be delivered at your doorstep!

As we mentioned above, at Joėl Sunglasses, we act according to our core values. We respect the environment, we support social equality, and we embrace uniqueness and diversity! The environment is our home! We care about it and we care about all people living in it. We strongly believe it is about time to alter our way of thinking and reconsider some of our habits and social behaviors. We want our customers to know the power they hold in their hands through their choices. Simple steps can make a great difference!

Our goal for the future is to create a community of people that embrace our way of thinking and share the same values with us! This is why having an online shop and social platforms feels like a miracle. With an online shop it is easier to reach out to many people in different locations.

Our vision for the future is to become more involved in environmental actions. We don’t only want to minimize any negative impact on the environment, but as a brand we want to leave a positive footprint. Also, our plan is to raise people’s awareness on social matters and support communities and minorities in need. We want people to know that we stand on the same side. Everyone is different and should be loved for it!

Be unique, be yourself. We love you as you are!

Browse our many unique styles at Joel Sunglasses. Use code “MATURINGMAMA10” for a 10 percent discount on all sunglasses until November 12th.

We only ship inside of Europe.

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