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Candles By Nirah Jay Candle Co.

Candles By Nirah Jay Candle Co.


One of my all time favorite items to have in my home, that I use to set just the right mood and calm any kind of atmosphere, is a candle. I have always loved candles. For their ambiance, their scents (well, most of them anyway), and the look they bring to my decor. Even when they are not lit, candles bring a feeling of calm and relaxation to every room they are in. 

Our house is always loud and full of energy. There is joking and laughing (and bickering and fighting), horseplay, sword fights, and chaos of all kinds. We are non-stop all day long. There is something about the thought of being able to end my hectic day with a beautifully lit candle (and a nice big glass of wine) that helps me keep my sanity throughout all the madness.

I recently received two candles from Nirah Jay Candle Company

Owner, Shakira, is launching her business this month and I was lucky enough to get to try some before they were even available for sale.

My first impression of this company came from my correspondence with Shakira. She was so kind and personable. She specifically asked me what my favorite scents were so she could send over the perfect candles just for me. Right off the bat I could tell this woman really cares about thoughtful customer service, and providing the best experience for her customers. 

When I opened my box I was very impressed with the packaging. Each candle was wrapped in pretty teal tissue paper, followed by a generous amount of bubble wrap to ensure my candles were protected during shipping. Along with my candles was a card with a promo code for a future order, and two surprise gifts! A box of matches that had a heart and said “Love is Sweet”, and a wax warmer sample. How unexpected and special. (Turns out I was definitely right about Shakira and her amazing customer service.)

It wasn’t until I unwrapped the candles and popped open their very secure wood lid, that the sweet delicious aroma engulfed me in a cloud of pure happiness. I was immediately transported, I’m not sure to where, but it was most definitely somewhere far away from the mounds of laundry I was currently surrounded by.

What an incredible scent! It was balanced absolutely perfectly. You know how sometimes, with cheaper candles you can buy at the grocery store, they have this strong wax smell that quietly trails behind whatever their scent is? ALL that entered my atmosphere from these candles was their gorgeous scent with no trace of wax. Truly impressive and it really showed me what excellent quality these candles were. Not to mention the jars they came in. They are super heavy duty and just beautiful.

I asked Shakira a bit about the ingredients she uses in her candles and her vision for this company. 

She has experimented with a lot of different waxes and found that natural soy wax is one of the best waxes to use. It is not as harmful to the environment and burns a lot better than others. Her oils are all phthalates free and sourced in the US. She started making candles when she closed down her first salon in 2018 and picked it up as a hobby. It really made her feel better about what she was going through at the time, and it brought her peace. She would (and still does) put on some feel good music that relaxes her mentally and spiritually, and then she just creates. She is a creative person as well as very in tune with her surroundings. Over the years she has learned how to control her environment so that it doesn’t control her. This is exactly what she wants people to feel when they use her candles. Using scent and positive thinking as well as realignment, she believes you can try your best to always be in control of your peace and peace of mind.

In her own words:

“Life is stressful and we are never going to get away from the difficulties we face. But being able to control how you respond is the key to living a fuller life.”

The launch date for Nirah Jay Candle Company is set for October 15th at 12am. 

You can head to Nirah Jay Candle Co. and sign up to be notified as soon as the website launches.

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