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A Mama’s FitBit Review – Spoiler Alert, Just Don’t Buy It…

A Mama’s FitBit Review – Spoiler Alert, Just Don’t Buy It…

Its unfortunate I have to do this review on a large scale but this needs to be said- it’s not worth it to purchase a Fitbit. Just don’t bother. If someone gifts it to you, you’re better off returning it for something better if you have a receipt. Or else, I suppose you can enjoy it for the few weeks it’ll work for.

It may seem that Fitbit is counting their chickens before their eggs hatch. Meaning, they’re counting on us, easily persuaded consumers, to purchase whatever they throw at us.

I’ve had a Fitbit for just about two years now. However I’ve had 6 different Fitbits since my initial purchase.

Is it a scheme? Possibly… Maybe even likely.

Upon my initial purchase of the Fitbit, I got a simple tracker. Very Plane Jane. Not fancy at all. Just straight forward. It didn’t even have a single spec of color within the display screen. It worked great for about four months until it stopped.

And I mean completely stopped. Blank screen. Would not turn on. I kept it charging over night to see if that might help. I switched chargers. I tried plugging into different outlets. It was gone.

Upon talking to Fitbit support, I was told my options were to get a replacement watch, or have 50% off the latest Fitbit device.

I thought to myself, that sounds like a nice deal. I’d get a more upgraded FitBit with better perks at half the price and it likely won’t break on me suddenly.

The. Same. Thing. Happened.

Literally a month or two later, this new Fitbit Versa Lite started glitching and again the screen went blank. Completely blank. I called support again. They have this reboot procedure they walk everyone through. (I now have this memorized!)

I cleaned the charger. I held down the buttons to have it restart. I wiped the device clean before attempting to charge it again. It was still completely blank.

And once again, I was given the option; get an upgraded watch at half the price or just a replacement.

This time I decided to simply get the replacement and give this watch to my husband. He was interested in having a Fitbit anyway and didn’t care if it was upgraded. So, he had this Fibtbit Versa Lite and I bought myself a Fitbit Versa.

This Fitbit Versa had better features than the Versa Lite. I thought to myself that if my husband’s watch stopped working again it would be because it’s an older brand anyway.

Well, jokes on me. My brand new Fitbit Versa went blank just four months later. Four months. Upon going through the same annoying process to get a replacement, I finally got one a month ago and guess what happened this week!

So, if you’re keeping score, this Fitbit Versa has now crashed on me 3 times. That’s three different FitBit Versa devices that have all crashed! The Fitbit Versa Lite crashed on me once. The Fitbit Tracker also crashed on me once. Ladies and gentlemen, I have yet to own a Fitbit watch that has not stopped working on me.

This time, I sat on the phone with FitBit support and begged them to assure me it was worth even getting a replacement.

They wanted me to send the Fitbit Versa back to them so they can have a look at what could have gone wrong before sending me the exact same one.

My pile of dead Fitbits (one was thrown out)

I’m sitting there on the phone coughing while talking to this Fitbit supervisor. It’s flu season and I am very much under the weather (not to mention we are in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic), and she is saying I will need to go to the post office and ship my Fitbit Versa back to them so they can have a look at what’s going wrong.

I asked if I ought to send the four other dead Fitbit devices I have sitting in a pile on my book shelf. They said no, just the one will do.

And again, the only way I’m getting an upgrade is if I pay for half the price of the next upgraded FitBit watch. Which after this is the Fitbit Versa 2.

Something smells fishy here. My husband’s Fitbit Versa Lite is still working by the way.

This looks like Fitbit is getting greedy and attempting to ensure they keep their customers putting more money into upgraded watches by making their new watches crash continuously.

Despite not having even had this FitBit Versa for more than 6 months, I cannot get a refund or a free upgrade. I just get the same crappy technology that will likely break on me in the span of one to three months.

So if you’re considering the purchase of a Fitbit brand item. Just stop right there.

I’m actually quite curious about other smart watch devices. I’ve seen many wearing Apple brand watches as well as Google brand watches.

Anyone out there have a say on these other devices?

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