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7 Ways to use Frozen Leftover Quinoa

7 Ways to use Frozen Leftover Quinoa

Do you ever end up making way to much of this delicious grain? I find it really hard (even though I’ve made it a million times) to figure out how much a 1/4 cup, a cup, 2 cups or even 6 cups is going to make. I always overestimate how much I need and end up with a leftover container of quinoa in my fridge. 

I assume, because I love it so much, there’s nothing to worry about because I’m sure I will eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week. Even though I do like including this ingredient in many recipes, I don’t prefer to eat it meal after meal. So, I’m embarrassed and ashamed to say, my extra portions can go unused and wind up in the garbage. But now, with my new revolution of how easy it is to use frozen quinoa,  I will never throw it out again. 

The trick is after you’ve made your recipe or meal that includes quinoa and you’ve realized at this point you have made too much, IMMEDIATELY freeze the extra (in a reusable zip bag…I love Forester, which is on my products I love page. And as a side note this is not a product I endorse or receive any kickbacks from, I just really like the quality and usability of these bags.) 

Anyway, after you’ve frozen your quinoa it is ready and waiting for you to use it at your leisurely will. No time constraints and no eating quinoa like it’s going out of style. 

Here are my favorite ways to reuse  frozen leftover quinoa. And generally you’d don’t even need to thaw it out:

  • Milkshakes – toss a couple of tablespoons into your favourite milkshake to add extra carbs and protein.
  • Salads – mix into a salad; it thaws quite quickly if it’s broken up.
  • Crunchy topping – fry in oil and use as a crunchy topping on pretty much anything; homemade sushi rolls, veggies, salads, or even ice cream (sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar in it while frying and oh man, this is good!).
  • Stirfry or egg fried “rice” – replace quinoa with recipes that you might typically use rice.
  • Egg frittatas or scrambles – mix in with breakfast egg dishes.
  • Muffins or breads – quinoa is a great way to reduce the amount of gluten and increase protein content in these starchy recipes.
  • Breakfast parfait – layer quinoa, yogurt, apple sauce, granola, fruit or anything else you have in the fridge and drizzle with a little honey.
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