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Maturing Mama Magazine Interview with Studio Botanic Owner Alexander Hartan

Maturing Mama Magazine Interview with Studio Botanic Owner Alexander Hartan

Studio Botanic is a new generation of natural cosmetics. Clear, transparent, natural, sustainable. With minimal ingredients of the best quality which are plant-based, vegan, and natural, we could not wait to learn more about this incredible company. 

Our blogger Kyler had an opportunity to speak with Alexander Hartan, owner of Studio Botanic.

We did this one interview style! 

How long has Studio Botanic been in business? What is the backstory for how this company was created?

STUDIO BOTANIC was founded in 2017 by me in Cologne, Germany. From the beginning it was about making top quality vegan natural cosmetics, that are backed and guaranteed by certificates. 

We started with a simple, fast-absorbing, non-greasy hand cream for everyday care, after which we developed many other products. I collected the inspiration and ideas for STUDIO BOTANIC during my first jobs where I worked in the communications department for a supplier of cosmetic ingredients, and at a startup for dermatological cosmetics. Here I learned all the important aspects of running a skincare business and then decided to start my own brand with new ideas.

Where did your guiding principle “less is more” derive from?

Making a product purely plant-based, natural, and long-lasting was not a new concept. But it was still very much on trend, and of course better for people and the planet. 

The principle ‘less is more’ was my starting point and how I wanted to package STUDIO BOTANIC as an innovative natural cosmetics brand. This is not only reflected in the contemporary, minimalistic packaging but is an optimal function of the product itself, created with as few ingredients as possible and as many as necessary. After all less is more but too much less becomes zero! 

When it comes to fragrance, we deliberately avoid strong natural perfumes or high concentrations of essential oils. We rely on the natural scents of the necessary ingredients which smell just as good as they are effective.

How did you come up with the formulas for your products? Are there any particular reasons you chose certain ingredients?

What’s most important is the function and effect of the product. We first consider which vegetable oils and extracts best meet the criteria, then we test a combination of active ingredients. Organic avocado, olive, or hemp oil are good bases for skincare, and so are vegan glycerin and vegetable waxes. We then decide which ingredients can provide the desired effect as well as an attractive fragrance. Sometimes we add a low concentration of an essential oil, such as citrus plant or peppermint – but when we can avoid that we will. Other times the scent may come from rose wax or cucumber extract.

Where do you source your ingredients from? Is there anything in particular you look for when shopping for your ingredients?

We only use suppliers and ingredients that meet the high standards of certifiers like NATRUE or Vegan Society. This means that everything is purely plant-based and naturally vegan. Furthermore none of the ingredients have been tested on animals. From raw ingredients to finished products. Again this is also guaranteed by certification.

In what ways do you believe your products to be superior to similar items or brands available at the store?

In the end it is all about the product itself. We always ask ourselves: ‘Does it offer an attractive natural alternative?’

For instance, our hand cream protects against everyday life with the help of vegan waxes. Our cold cream, with organic olive oil, is a wonderful multi-use product good for your body, hands, face and lips. Like a petroleum-free 8 Hour Cream! 

Furthermore all our packaging is recyclable, using materials that are as kind to the environment as possible. We are also very excited about our latest products, the Face Serum and Face Oil, which contain natural alternatives to current must-have ingredients: vegan hyaluronic acid and bakuchiol – nature’s retinol. 

If we can convince people that all-natural, cruelty-free cosmetics are just as – if not more – effective than synthetically-derived products, then we are satisfied that we have achieved our goals.

To take a look at their many skincare options, click here; and for answers to any cosmetics relations questions you may have, click here!

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