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Parum Italie – Made Exclusively For You, Leather Goods

Parum Italie – Made Exclusively For You, Leather Goods

I am an Italian woman who has been living in Germany for 20 years. Even though I am living away from my home, my heart still beats for my country. It beats especially for all the beautiful things my country has to offer. I was born in Milan so my passion, of course, is fashion!

During my years abroad I realized that most people think about Italy and its design and fashion industry, unfortunately, in the wrong way. People think the only fashion worth anything are big name brands. They forget the “little” great passionate artisans that dedicate their lives to follow their talents and passion, creating some of the most unique and beautiful pieces. These artisans are the backbone of the fashion industry. 

PARUM ITALIAE  translated from Latin means “Little bit of Italy”. 

I began dreaming of my own business in January 2019. In November 2019 I officially launched my website PARUM ITALIAE.

PARUM ITALIAE’s  purpose is to show and remind the world that a lot of beautiful Italian products don’t have to come with a high fashion label or be a cheap, low cost imitation. 

My concept began with Italian Artisans (also from Milan) that have been creating handmade leather items since 1954. I have watched them work with my own eyes and seen all the passion, love, and time they put into every last detail of their work.

All of our classic and modern models are made from real Ostrich, Crocodile, and Python leather that come from controlled farms. The fine leather is tanned and colored by Italian specialists in the area. After the tanning process, the leather is hand cut and sewn by the artisans who create these unique wonderful bags, belts and wallets.The beauty of these products is not only aesthetic, but above all quality.

Because of this intricate, hands on process, the costumer can choose between different models, colors, and leather, but must be aware that their product will take a good amount of time to arrive at their door.

My website’s cause and purpose is to support and celebrate these artisans who dedicate their lives to creating these beautiful goods. I also have a heart to bring awareness to customers who seek out these stunning leather goods. Those who really desire them must be aware that what they pay for is made with such love and care and attention to detail which makes them worth every extra penny they pay.

My intent is that when a PARUM ITALIAE product reaches your hands, you are immediately immersed with the feeling that you hold just a “little bit of Italy” in your hands. This feeling is meant to bring a sense of happiness not only to you, the customer, but to the Artisans as well. Create your own custom piece at PARUM ITALIAE
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