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Syphisticated Soap – “Soaps That Make Showertime Luxurious”

Syphisticated Soap – “Soaps That Make Showertime Luxurious”

I have a confession. When I hear “bar soap” I have a very blah first reaction to the words. Like, plain, white ovals that dry out your skin.

Today I received a box from Syphisticated Soap. First of all, it came with beautifully custom tape on the box. Not that big of a deal, but it did catch my eye. Then I opened the box and the contents inside were just as beautifully contained within Syphisticated Soap wrapping paper and tape.

My first impressions were that this company is very professional and pays a lot of attention to details, and I hadn’t even seen the products yet! I opened the paper and was immediately greeted with the most incredible aroma! I could not wait to dig into this box and take a look at (and sniff) everything that was filling my senses with such joy!

As I pulled out the first soap I actually gasped out loud. It was their Lemon Sorbet. The packaging was so elegant. It was a lovely yellow color, smelled divine, and sticking out of the top was an actual dried lemon slice! I could not believe what I was looking at.

As I pulled out bar after bar, I had the same reaction over and over. Crashing Waves had blue and white swirls that took me right back to the beaches of Waikiki, then the top of the soap had the distinct curve of a wave.

Blackberry with its little speckles all throughout the bar and dried flowers at the top. Turns out I was right when I first saw the packaging. This business truly puts in the extra effort to create the most top of the line, quality products.

Also in my box was a jar of unscented whipped body butter, and a tin of peppermint lip balm. That body butter is unbelievable. Smooth, soothing, and it smells like Heaven even unscented! Not to mention it is rich with fats and vitamins that are beneficial to your skin. With ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and arrow root powder, you know you are doing something great for your skin as you put it on! When I opened the lip balm and the peppermint scent made its way to my nose, I thought I may just carry this around in my pocket to take out and sniff whenever I please. But then I put some on my lips and realized it serves a much stronger purpose there. It is so light and actually tastes really good!   

When you look on the Syphisticated Soap website, one of the first things you see on their homepage is: Clean. Simple. Elegant. Luxurious. These are the perfect words for everything this company represents. It is a literal experience when you receive your package and open it up to the treasures that await inside.

My shower time will be so luxurious from now on!

All Syphisticated Soap products are made with natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized whether you need to wind down from a stressful day or simply indulge in much needed self-care. 

Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Head over to Syphisticated Soap and use code MAMA15 for 15% off!

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