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Whipped Body Butta – Custom & Natural Body, Hair and Face Creams and Soaps

Whipped Body Butta – Custom & Natural Body, Hair and Face Creams and Soaps

Whipped Body Butta specializes in customized bath and body care products that are handcrafted to meet your individual needs. 

Everyone’s skin care needs are vastly different. Some people have nut allergies that dictate which skin care products they can use. Some have dry skin, some oily. It is important to use ingredients that most people can apply and use. I always ask our clients if they have any specific needs or allergies before making their order.  

Over the counter products are made for a broad audience, not any specific skin care issue. You might not get the results you want from these products. In some cases, an inexpensive jar of Coconut Oil or a bottle of Olive Oil might be more beneficial for your specific skin and hair than many of these expensive products you can find at the store. 

This is why my products are made to order in small batches. I use ingredients in their most natural state to create body butters, creams, salves, and soap. If a customer has a specific skin care need, I can tailor my products to meet that need. For example, a customer wanted a more emollient soap, so I added more vitamin e oil, calendula oil, and jojoba oil for her batch of soap.  Another customer has eczema, so I added Jojoba Oil as a base for the Vitamin E Cream that I make, just for her. Adding other special touches, such as Aloe Vera Liquid to the lye mixture for soap, is another way to customize my products and make them stand out from others. I take great pride and joy in the products I make. Argan Oil and Black Jamaican Castor Oil are staples in my hair care products.

My Hair Butter is a Coconut Oil based product which provides loads of moisture to natural hair. My Butter Hair Conditioner can be used as a rinse and leave-in hair conditioner. Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Oil are some of the other ingredients I use. I also use Aloe Vera Liquid in place of water. Bacuri Butter moistens hair without feeling greasy! It can be used for your hair and body.

I love creating products that can not only benefit, but be a treat for mommies. We are busy, and often only think of ourselves after everyone else has been taken care of. Keeping our skin moist and free of dead skin is a must. Every mom needs to wash her body, exfoliate, and moisturize her skin. It is always a good habit to drink enough water and wear sunscreen everyday. Both will help your skin look it’s best and protect it from the sun.

Bathing is often a sacred and special time for mothers. Washing your body with a good moisturizing soap is optimal. Whipped Body Butta’ soaps are ultra moisturizing and filled with quality ingredients. *Lavender Chamomile Liquid Soap is lightly-scented and contains Aloe Vera Liquid and Green Tea. A light bubbler, it leaves your skin well-cleansed and soft. *Liquid Black Soap is a great cleanser for hair and body. It’s full of lather and moisturizes too! *Bar Soaps are handmade in small batches. With plant-based ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, and Olive Oil.

My Body Polisher (salt scrub) features Dead Sea Salts and nutrient-rich oils to moisturize and exfoliate at the same time. Jojoba Beads are added for pop of color and vitamin E Oil. In the shower or bath, using a natural- bristle brush to exfoliate the face and body a couple times a week will help to maintain natural glow to your skin. There are different sizes of brushes you can use on your face and body.  Dry brushing on skin has been known to decrease cellulite as well as exfoliate your skin. You can dry brush problem areas, such as thighs, a couple times during the week to increase blood flow and break down cellulite. Dry brushing may not get rid of cellulite completely. However, it can lessen the appearance of cellulite and it just feels good to love on yourself with dry brushing!

For an added bonus to bath time, you can enjoy an aromatic, floral bath using my Unscented, Lavender, and Rose bath salts.  Sprinkle them right into your bath water and enjoy! 

After bathing and while skin is damp, apply some Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil. Pat Dry, and then smooth on Shea Butter-based Body Butter or Coconut Oil lotion. Your skin will be very soft. Shea Butter can lessen the appearance of stretch marks, and even-out skin tone.  

While pregnant, it is best to check with your doctor before applying any topical moisturizer to skin. It is also a good idea to apply non-essential oil products to skin while pregnant. Some essential oils can loosen muscles which is the last thing you want to do while pregnant! Jojoba, Olive, and Coconut Oils are usually safe to use during pregnancy. Again, check with your doctor before using any oils.

I started this company because my middle son has eczema. Over-the-counter moisturizers did not stop the itchy, redness that his eczema caused. I had some Shea Butter on hand, melted it, added some other nutrient-rich oils, and that was what soothed his eczema. I gave a girlfriend a Body Butter, she posted comments in a mommy group we belong to on Facebook, and I began receiving orders. I had to obtain ingredients in bigger quantities than I was accustomed to, and also had to stock up on lots of containers. Eventually, I created a website and began selling at vendor events. My small business has continued to grow ever since!

Truly, I love meeting my customer’s skin care needs and am very passionate about what I do!
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