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Beautiful & Simple Jewelry by Greenwood

Beautiful & Simple Jewelry by Greenwood

With the Covid-19 virus rules loosening up, we’re able to see family more and do summer things like small barbecues, hang out at the beach and go to restaurants for those warm evening date nights. But if you’re anything like me you go to your closet, pick out an outfit and realize you don’t have anything to accessorize it with. I mean, I have a couple things but I have worn them to death over the last 5 years.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m extremely picky when it comes to jewelry. I’m a minimalist, so it’s important to me that the jewelry I own, goes with everything, has a simple look, and is a quality piece that I can wear for years to come.

Cue Greenwood Handmade Jewelry and Accessories! I received a couple pairs of earrings from this beautiful company and they check all the boxes! The craftsmanship exceeds all expectations. The jewelry is inspired by nature, making it perfect to
accessorize your summer outfits. All her jewelry is ethically made, and delivered in a cute little recyclable box.

Not only does her new summer line go with every outfit, but they also come in a couple different colours so you can switch it up. The flower accents with gold and silver centers are eye catching and a great conversation piece.

When you buy a piece from Greenwood, you are supporting a real person, not a giant box store. A person who put a lot of thought and time perfecting a design that is both versatile and beautiful.

Whether you’re going for a wine tasting or staying home and having a dine in dinner date with your partner, Greenwood jewelry is the perfect statement jewelry.

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