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Kyra Jane Clothing – Made to Order, Minimal Handmade Linen

Kyra Jane Clothing – Made to Order, Minimal Handmade Linen

My grandmother and my mother are both excellent seamstresses. My grandmother drafted her own patterns and taught me how to do them myself. My mother sewed for me from the time I was a little girl. When I was around 10 or 11, I sewed my first piece of clothing.

My grandmother Patricia Jane ran her own linen clothing line, Patricia J Originals, for years. She worked her way up to having her own shop in the small downtown of my hometown and had several employees. Eventually she moved her sewing shop to a location beside her house and continued to sew but it was mostly wholesale. Around three years ago she stopped sewing altogether. A year and a half ago I began dreaming of how I could keep her vision alive.

At Kyra Jane Clothing I focus on made to order retail. I loved the idea of working with a beautiful, sustainable fabric and providing quality clothing that is not only useful and durable, but also makes my customers feel incredible.

I am a one woman show working from my home, but I dream of employing one or two women someday and working out of a studio or shop.

I use 100% linen fabric from a mill in England. They ship to me directly from their shop so there is no middle man warehousing fabric and adding a markup. Their linen is OKEO Tex certified and they are transparent with their dye processes. Linen is a very sustainable fabric itself, using less water than cotton to grow. It is biodegradable when not dyed and wicks away moisture without holding bacteria. One of the oldest fabrics around, it is very durable and makes for very long lasting garments. 

I’m inspired so very much by minimal design. I like each piece to look effortless, put together, and simple. Comfort also plays a big role in my designs. I prefer a less structured fit to allow different body types to feel comfortable and to add mobility. We shouldn’t feel constricted and awkward in linen! Or any clothing for that matter. This fall/winter, and next spring I am hoping to add some vintage patterns I found in my grandmother’s stash. I am so excited to see how they turn out!

Each of my pieces are made to order by me. You can customize your sleeve or skirt lengths and I am always available to answer sizing questions if you are unsure. Since each piece from my shop is made to order it cuts out so much waste. There are no products lying around unused. I also keep my larger scraps for small projects, pockets, or donate them.

I aim to have my orders fulfilled within 1 to 3 weeks but since it’s just me, I sometimes go over that deadline by a couple of days. I believe people who are earnest in their commitment to fashion don’t mind waiting a little longer when the quality expectation is met.

This has always been a part of my life and it is now my passion to share it with others.

I dove in head first trusting my dreams. I have stayed passionate and I hope this little dream of mine grows more and more over the years.

Head over to Kyra Jane Clothing to browse through my current designs. Use code 15OFF for a 15% discount through August 31st!

Instagram: @kyrajaneclothing

Facebook: @kyrajclothing

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