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Beba Botanica – Fun, Environmentally Friendly Hippo Shaped Soaps

Beba Botanica – Fun, Environmentally Friendly Hippo Shaped Soaps

Soap. For many of us it’s something we don’t think much about. But it’s something that we use multiple times a day on various parts of our body. Before becoming a mother I would buy the cheapest soap. I didn’t care (or know) about the ingredients, and I would buy what was on sale.

But 5 years ago, the moment my first daughter was laid on my chest, my entire self changed. I started checking ingredients and became and avid essential oiler. I made my home sythetic chemical free and went wayyy over board. I’m a lot more relaxed now, but one thing that I still keep chemical free in my home is our soap.

Our skin is the largest organ on our whole body, why would you want to lather it with chemicals? Cue Beba Botanica.

Beba Botanica makes their soap from natural ingredients (some even coming from her kitchen!). There are no parabens, no palm oil, no sulphates and nothing that can hurt you or the environment in their soaps. I forgot to mention the best part…they’re shaped like hippos!

I tried a couple of their soaps for various things and my favourite for my face was the Activated Charcoal Hippo Soap. My face hasn’t felt that clean in so long! It felt like it was going into my pores and cleaning each one, leaving my face smooth and glowing. My favourite one for everyday hand washing was the Lemongrass Hippo Soap it has french green clay and antibacterial properties in it. It left my hands moisturized and smelling so nice afterwards. Then finally, my favourite soap for the shower was the Mint and Poppy Seed Hippo Soap. Not only did this soap lather well, it left my body feeling so fresh and tingly from the mint essential oil used in it.

There’s an added plus to having hippo shaped soaps… now my kids want to wash their hands 100 times a day because they get to use a hippo to do so! It makes hand washing so fun. They love how bubbly the soap gets, they fill the sink up with bubbles and will play for so long. They also love smelling it and their hands after they wash them. My oldest daughter loves the Mint and Poppy Seed Hippo Soap for its scent.

Check out Beba Botanica here! Use the code MAMA2020 for buy 2 get one free for any hippo combo until August 31st, 2020. The first five orders will also get a fabulous white fluffy organic cotton  facecloth to keep the hippos company in transit.

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