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The Importance Of Supporting Mom Staffed Bussinesses

The Importance Of Supporting Mom Staffed Bussinesses

You’ve finished university and ended with a degree of some kind. No sooner after graduating you’re pregnant.

Or you’ve worked at your career long enough to climb the corporate ladder and just before they’re about to announce a new promotion opportunity, you’re pregnant.

How about; you’ve been on maternity leave for a year and thought you would be all set to go back to work. But your instincts are telling you, your baby is not ready to be in the care of a stranger.

Why do moms have to choose between a successful career and the role we were created to have? I’ve heard it so many times of moms that have done the work to get their university degree only to not put the work hours in long enough to go back to a successful career after succeeding at motherhood.

But we did the work! Why must we give up being a mom in order to be a success in a career that we want to continue in, especially after our kids go off to college?

When you support Maturing Mama Magazine by following the latest news, purchasing “paid promotion” products, M.M. merchandise or donating- you are supporting a mom that cannot easily choose between a career and her role as a mother.

These are stay-at-home moms that are paid to write their stories, work in marketing, photo and video editing. They get to make their own hours around their role as mom. They get to be a part of a staff community that can relate to their struggles within their clashing roles and is patient with their challenges.

At Maturing Mama we want to give opportunities for the moms that feel like failures. The ones that feel like they aren’t good enough or experienced enough. Every mom has potential to be great in the business world. This is their opportunity.

So how can you help?

  1. Subscribe, Like, Comment & Follow ALL Content; The more this happens, the faster our message of authentic motherhood spreads. The algorithm for social media publicity is constantly changing and working against the little guy (gal). Our message often time will not get as many views as your average cat video. The more online engagement we receive, the more we get to give more opportunities for moms to work from home.
  2. Purchase Merchandise Wearing our labelled products bring more publicity to our brand and message. All funds received also goes right back into employing our staff. Currently most of our funds for employment comes from our amazing small business partners. They trust us to spread their genuine family friendly brands in an honorable manner. However we need to make the primary focus of M.M. all about authentic motherhood. There are many times we miss the mark when we have too many promotional posts.
  3. Purchase Promoted Products. The small businesses we partner with have entrusted us to advertise their products in a means to bring them more revenue. These businesses are hand picked by our mom staff. We pick brands that are usually mom-owned and specifically products we want for ourselves and families. Purchasing their items allow us to maintain our working relationship and continue to receive their financial support.
  4. Donate Without generous donors, we wouldn’t be where we currently are. There were donations given that helped pay for staff business email accounts. Donations that paid for the website domain. Donations that helped keep our staff of moms employed and their families taken care of. You can donate to, to assist us in continuing forward.
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