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Simplicity Smells Good: Edyth Shea

Simplicity Smells Good: Edyth Shea


Today, I have the privilege to introduce you guys to a great brand I recently got to try. I love to treat myself to self-care with all natural ingredients, and Edyth Shea definitely fits the bill!

My package from Edyth Shea came with a nice variety of their products. The bar soaps and shea butter have a very lovely, mild scent. I was very happy with the choice of essential oils that were in each of them. The soaps are well made, and beautiful!  

One thing I appreciate about this brand is that so many of their formulas center around shea butter, which is derived from seeds of the sheatree. Shea is a beautifully versatile substance, with something for everybody. Not only is it effective as an everyday moisturizer, shea has been shown to have:

  • anti-aging properties; 
  • reduce scarring and cellulite; 
  • soothe and heal skin cracks, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and sunburns.

 It even works on insect bites, and helps prevent stretch marks (and all the moms say ‘hallelujah’)! Best of all, it’s gentle on even the tenderest of skin.

My son had a spot on his arm that was very dry and sore. We had tried several different products on it, but nothing was helping much. After receiving my shea butters, I decided to try using the lavender on his arm. The first time we put it on he said it was very soothing, which was wonderful because it was often itchy and uncomfortable. After a few days, the spot was almost fully healed! 

We have been using the shea butters for numerous things. My husband owns a window cleaning business so his hands are often dry and cracked. The Edyth Shea body butters have helped tremendously! 

These products are wonderful. They ship quickly, smell awesome, and do incredible things for your skin. Definitely recommend it!

Get started with Edyth Shea here!

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