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All The Single Mamas Put Your Hands Up! – How To Find A Husband Not A Fling

All The Single Mamas Put Your Hands Up! – How To Find A Husband Not A Fling

What if I told you the key to finding a husband is not about going on a date to meet “Mr. Right“?

What if I told you, you can take dating completely out of the equation to find him?

What many of us dream of isn’t the perfect date. It’s the perfect relationship. The outcome of a perfect date isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A perfect first date can mean one thing… He knew all the right ways to push your butterflies button. And if he pushes it enough… He’ll hook you like a big fish.

You’ll go home rethinking the way he asked before taking your hand to assist you across a busy street. The twinkle in his eyes when he maintained eye contact with you throughout the entire date. The way he winked at you after offering you can try food off his plate. The chemistry was all there- except it was simply because he knew the right formula to make you swoon.

If you’re looking for a quick fling that could very well end with the two of you just being friends or having a full on big break up- then this isn’t for you. Move on.

If what you want is someone you know you can trust. You can trust him to not suddenly react in a way you never expected after months of dating. You trust him to mean what he says and say what he means. You trust him to put you first…

What you want is not a perfect date. It’s to know without a doubt that he is infact the right guy for you.

There is a way to know that without hiring a private investigator or scrolling through his phone every chance you get.

There are certain scenarios and circumstances that bring out his true nature. Do you know what those are? If I told you what they were, would you take the risk and ask to see him in these situations before getting into an intimate setting with him?

This is in fact the first big test to see if he is truly interested in something deeper with you. If he says no, move on.

Remember ladies, there are a large number of men in this world and the right one for you is worth the wait.

It’s nice to think broken hearts will lead you to “Mr. Right”, but doesn’t that actually just give you major trust issues and old wounds Mr. Right now has to work with?

You’re not an icecream bar for men to take samples of till finally someone purchases a double scoop.

You do not need to gather bad experiences with men as a guard for your heart.

You can see the attributes of a husband without putting your heart in danger of being broken. The key is to have a bit more control than what you’re used to having when on a date. If you’re ready to take back control in your search for the one, here’s your guide.

How To Find A Husband Not A Fling is your guide to get the one, available on Amazon Kindle and paperback.

From author Chanelle J. Holder, here are the scenarios she used to find her one and only. She found a way to have just one boyfriend, who asked her to marry him and ten years later they are still married with two kids and thriving.

As a teenager, Chanelle was all too familiar with the mess left behind in a girl’s world after a brake up. Luckily, not by personal experience but as the confidant to many of her friends at the end of each relationship.
She made a decision at age 16 that she did not want a broken heart. She wanted to find the one and only that one.

This guide shows how she did this and the steps you can take to gain control of your own dating life.

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