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Conscientious Clean: Mark My Roots Vegan Soap Co.

Conscientious Clean: Mark My Roots Vegan Soap Co.

Okay, I get it: 

We’re all concerned about the current health crisis. We want to see the vulnerable in our families and communities safe. We want to practice healthy hygiene.

But dangit, I’m tired of having dry, cracked hands!

That’s right, I said it! It’s June right now, and my hands look (and feel) worse than they did in December. Call me crazy, but in my opinion, it’s not conducive to good handwashing habits to dread the sting of commercial soap and hand sanitizer. 

What’s a conscientious mom/germaphobe to do? IS there an effective, pain free solution?

Trained esthetician Maria Soendergaard from Mark My Roots says, ‘yes!’

“Generally, commercial soaps carried at most chain stores are full of chemical additives; these not only dry out your skin, but can lead to rashes and other irritations. Using commercial soaps over time can leave skin dried out, sensitive, and feeling like it’s never clean. 

We believe that our customers will recognize the value of a handmade soap bar, without all the chemicals & fillers that big commercial brands use. Our customers truly appreciate the unique touch to each soap bar, and the feeling of clean skin that is not stripped of its natural oils.

My partner Louise and I create every single soap bar ourselves, in Europe & the United States.

We do everything in small batches only; this way we have much better control of the quality, making sure every step of the process is done to our standards.

To bring you each unique, earth conscious soap bar, we mostly create them as cold process, using a method called “The Heat Transfer Method”. This basically means that we don’t use any external heat source while crafting soap bars. 100% easy on the planet as less energy is consumed while crafting it — keeping our families clean and healthy, while preserving nature for our kids to enjoy.

We never use palm oil, for the sake of the orangutans and the environment. Further, we never use any animal products (no lards/animal fats, no mammal milk, no honey – nothing from animals), because we don’t believe in taking what’s theirs. One of our favorite ingredients to use instead is sunflower oil; besides being entirely plant-based, it has wonderful properties! For instance, it is very emollient, which helps the skin retain moisture. Furthermore, it is rich in antioxidants, and great for irritated skin.

We only test on ourselves. Our suppliers are certified cruelty-free as well, which is very important to us. 

We make new soap bars all the time – we are so passionate about it and simply can’t help ourselves! There are so many beautiful scents and so many amazing oils, butters, clays etc. out there; when inspiration strikes, we are all over it!”

What are you waiting for, guys? Click here to get started on cruelty-free, corona-free, crack-free skin!

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