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A Pair of Pants for Every Stage of Motherhood – BeMo Designs

A Pair of Pants for Every Stage of Motherhood – BeMo Designs

There’s my “period pants”.

My “retaining water” pants.

My “feeling fit” pants.

My “don’t give a ****” pants.

Forget pants for an occasion when you’re a mom dealing with postpartum hormones and pregnancy. We need at least three different styled pairs of pants a month. And even then the sizes of those pants can change drastically with each passing year.

Once upon a time, leggings were my thing as most moms in the media would boast. But that dang waist band is at times too tight. And then it just pinches in some sensitive areas, if you know what I mean. 

I love sweat pants and wore them all the time as a kid, teen and young adult. Basically I wore them up until I showed up to work one day in my early 20’s and got called out by a number of very posh staff members. 

Sporty chic is the style I love! I would gladly wear a pair of heels with sweat pants to any elegant evening out. I thought sweat pants would forever be my saving grace until I wore them out of the hospital after giving birth and was so swollen, they fit like leggings.One pair of pants for every possible occasion and season in a mother’s life is what’s needed. 

This is why I am in love and obsessed with BeMo Designs! These are pants made out of the comfiest material- so comfy that I actually forget I was wearing pants (and that’s the way I like it). 

There are four key features that are perfect for moms:

  1. The crotch region is very roomy, which is perfect for so many reasons!
  2. Cramps – I hate wearing tight pants when I’ve got cramps.
  3. Pregnancy – These pants have enough loose material that I can definitely grow a number of sizes bigger in my hips, tummy and thighs region and it would still fit! I’m especially impressed at how the waist band is snug and still has a lot of stretch in it. And finally,
  4. Postpartum – You ladies know the type of underwear you’ve got on when you’re postpartum for at least one to two weeks. You pretty much can rule out all snug pairs of pants in this season. 

The material of these pants makes them super breathable and still cozy. So ideal for those hot and cold flashes that come with… well, many seasons in a woman’s life.

On top of all of these practical advantages these pants look very chic! These would take sporty chic to a whole other level with its crochet designs at the ankles. They come in numerous other patterns as well!

What mom could not use a pair of pants that works in and outside of the home? Not to mention it’s ideal for every possible season in a mother’s life. 

What’s even more adorable is BeMo Designs have pants for babies and toddlers! Moms, you know for a fact these type of pants are ideal for our kids! Lots of room for full diapers. Lots of room for quickly growing bodies! Moms, it’s time to purchase a pair of pants for every stage of motherhood!

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